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SharePoint licensing is becoming simpler -- and cheaper

By Brien Posey 30 Jan 2013

Microsoft has made some changes to its SharePoint licensing requirements, potentially saving customers a lot of money. Read More

Management overhead frustrates organisations' digital ambitions, says Capita study

By Cliff Saran 10 Mar 2016

Many UK business are in no position to roll out Windows 10 and are concerned about supporting diverse IT estates with their existing infrastructure Read More

Is mobile SharePoint ready for prime time?

By Scott Robinson 20 Aug 2013

Despite a lackluster track record for mobile SharePoint, is SharePoint 2013 now ready for mobile prime time? Read More

Building a social workflow process for today's enterprise no easy task

By Linda Tucci 07 Aug 2013

As the social enterprise evolves, so too do social workflow processes. But getting everybody on board with social isn't for the faint of heart. Read More

Microsoft announces Yammer acquisition, launches social strategy

By Gina Narcisi 28 Jun 2012

Microsoft officially announces Yammer acquisition, an effort to accelerate social strategy and cloud services. Read More

Migrating to SharePoint on-premises vs. SharePoint online

By Brien Posey 13 Aug 2013

Should you migrate to SharePoint on-premises vs. SharePoint online? The right answer involves factors specific to your company, cost and more. Read More

Getting a handle on user identity in the Microsoft platform

By Lauren Horwitz 04 Mar 2014

Various applications in the Microsoft platform can share user identity based on Active Directory, but that doesn't mean that they always should share. Read More

Hyper-convergence marches on in APAC

By Aaron Tan 28 Apr 2017

The battle to rein in IT complexity in the Asia-Pacific region continues with hyper-converged systems that promise to offer cloud-like benefits for enterprises Read More

What are the key ingredients of a corporate mobility policy?

By Bryan Barringer 18 Feb 2015

There’s more to going mobile than just deploying and supporting devices. Enterprises should understand the fundamentals of mobile device policy. Read More

SharePoint 2013 release puts upgrade issues back in the spotlight

By Shawn Shell 29 Apr 2013

With the arrival of SharePoint 2013, IT managers and SharePoint admins have new upgrade considerations to weigh as they evaluate possible deployments. Read More