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Competitors, observers sound off on Microsoft-Yammer and SharePoint

By Jonathan Gourlay 09 Jul 2012

Industry watchers and competitors see Microsoft’s purchase of Yammer as meaning everything from validating their approaches to enterprise social collaboration to helping SharePoint play catch-up. Read More

Cloud-based storage options for ECM

By Lauren Horwitz 16 Jan 2014

As an organization grows, storage for ECM software gets exponentially more costly. Cloud-based storage options make sense, and here's why. Read More

Shropshire Council upgrades from iPads and BlackBerrys to Microsoft technology

By Cliff Saran 17 Feb 2015

Shropshire Council reworks desktop IT strategy, using its Microsoft enterprise agreement to support devices running Office 365 Read More

Shaping your content management strategy around mobility

By Craig Mathias 16 Apr 2015

Embracing mobility means updating the way you manage company data. IT should use options such as secure containers and enterprise-grade cloud services. Read More

Change management seen making, breaking SharePoint 2010 deployment

By Jonathan Gourlay 26 Mar 2012

Organizations should approach SharePoint 2010 deployment as a change management project involving collaboration technology to reap the most benefits, according to Gimmal consultant Karen Strong. Read More

Nadella delivers a fresh org chart as Microsoft restructures

By Simon Quicke 18 Jun 2015

Resellers will have a fresh structure to familiarise themselves with as Microsoft's CEO outlines a company restructure Read More

Lessons learned from FedEx's social networking platform project

By Bryan Barringer 30 Mar 2015

What big company doesn’t want a social networking platform that lets employees really connect, communicate and create? Take it from a pro: The benefits are many and, yes, it is hard to do. Read More

SharePoint 2010 implementation success rides on strong governance

By Jonathan Gourlay 10 Apr 2012

Creating an effective governance plan before a SharePoint 2010 implementation project begins, and managing it properly, can help assure smooth deployment, enterprise-wide adoption and success. Read More

How culture change has to underpin success in digital transformation

By Cath Everett 19 Jan 2017

Digital transformation has been in vogue in recent years. Success depends as much, if not more, on deep-set culture change, as RSA and The Economist Group have discovered Read More

Microsoft chief sets sights on multi-platform future

By Cliff Saran 07 Apr 2014

At the end of March, day 52 of his tenure as Microsoft's third CEO, Satya Nadella unveiled the start of a new era for the software giant Read More