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Microsoft chief sets sights on multi-platform future

By Cliff Saran 07 Apr 2014

At the end of March, day 52 of his tenure as Microsoft's third CEO, Satya Nadella unveiled the start of a new era for the software giant Read More

Consider a SaaS model before IaaS

By Trevor Jones 20 Apr 2016

Before deploying IaaS, consider the SaaS option first, as it could pay off big time for your IT team. Read More

Planet Fitness gives Salesforce Community Cloud a workout

By Lauren Horwitz 20 Apr 2016

The fitness franchise had far-flung processes and a growing business. Here's how it used Salesforce Community Cloud to get franchisees on the same page. Read More

Mobile Data Loss: Threats and Countermeasures

24 Apr 2017

In this excerpt from chapter three of Mobile Data Loss, author Michael T. Raggo discusses mobile security countermeasures. Read More

Content analytics takes off for better business intelligence

By Reda Chouffani 09 May 2014

The field of content analytics is blossoming, enabling companies to retrieve data faster and gain actionable insights. But there's still work to do. Read More

Choosing the best hosted Exchange deployment for your organization

By Andy Grogan 06 Aug 2013

Resistance to hosting an Exchange deployment is fading. Organizations need to research the best deployment options for the business. Read More

Social media professional services starting to take shape

By Esther Shein 25 Feb 2014

Enterprise social software revenue is expected to reach $2.7B worldwide by 2017. Read up on the evolving social media professional services market. Read More

TelecityGroup to offer private Azure ExpressRoute connection to Office 365 users

By Caroline Donnelly 30 Sep 2015

Datacentre operator confirms availability of private Office 365 connection via its Cloud-IX platform Read More

Ten social media strategy tips for the IT organization

05 Oct 2012

Is your IT team tackling social media with aplomb? Here are 10 social media strategy tips and best practices to guide your efforts. Read More

A search engine that 'makes' data-driven business decisions

By Lauren Horwitz 13 Jan 2014

Sid Probstein of Attivio has been instrumental in developing search engine technologies that mine data for business-driven decision making. Read More