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The 7 applications that impact employee experience the most

By Luke Marson 29 May 2019

HRIS platforms and online surveys are obvious vehicles for improving employee experience and engagement, but don't overlook collaboration, help desk and other tools of daily life. Read More

What's included in Microsoft 365 subscription plans

By Robert Sheldon 07 Mar 2019

Microsoft 365 has different plans for all kinds of businesses. Learn about the different subscription plans that this cloud-based platform offers. Read More

Five areas to focus on in a SharePoint and GDPR compliance strategy

By Reda Chouffani 23 May 2018

SharePoint admins need to be ready for the General Data Protection Regulation, too. Expert Reda Chouffani suggests five things to focus on when preparing for GDPR. Read More

Five ways SharePoint plays a key role as a digital workspace tool

By Reda Chouffani 26 Mar 2018

New working structures, rules and geographies have made SharePoint a more and more important platform, as it enables workers to get it done anytime, anywhere, on any device. Read More

SharePoint hub sites raises migration questions among users

By Reda Chouffani 21 Jun 2018

In the newest rev of SharePoint Online, what used to be sub-sites are now new freestanding sites. This change and others may create migration migraines. Read More

Well-planted SharePoint 2010 backup strategy could help save the farm

By Brien Posey 07 May 2012

A SharePoint farm backup as part of an enterprise SharePoint 2010 backup strategy is simple, but on its own might not be enough. Brien M. Posey points out the other important considerations. Read More

SaaS backup remains confusing to many

By Johnny Yu 16 Apr 2019

SaaS providers aren't backing up your data for you, and that creates confusion among many IT pros who assume their data is automatically protected in the cloud. Read More

Cutting employees some Slack: The rise of messaging apps in retail

By Ben Sillitoe 04 Jun 2019

Slack’s 2019 stock market debut raises the profile of enterprise collaboration software, but what options do retailers have in this space and how are they using the technology? Read More

Liferay digital experience platform helps company improve CX

By Rowena Lindsay 28 Feb 2019

Jack Maina, group chief operations officer of Britam, talks about how the financial services group rebuilt the way it interacts with customers and partners using Liferay. Read More

Cisco adds Webex Teams integrations for OneDrive, SharePoint

By Jonathan Dame 08 Jan 2019

New Webex Teams integrations with Microsoft's OneDrive and SharePoint are the latest in a series that link the Cisco collaboration suite with Office 365 productivity tools. Read More