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Dispersed organizations test mettle of SharePoint 2010 infrastructure

By Shawn Shell 20 Jun 2012

Combine basic SharePoint 2010 infrastructure management with end-user monitoring and third-party tools to effectively manage SharePoint for a dispersed organization, says consultant Shawn Shell. Read More

Enterprise file sync and share expands in 2014

By Carol Sliwa 22 Dec 2014

The crowded enterprise file sync-and-share market is poised for change, as functionality increasingly becomes a feature of larger products, analysts predict. Read More

New Azure Stack blends data center with cloud apps

04 May 2015

Azure Stack combines PaaS and IaaS to give Microsoft shops a streamlined way to manage and deploy legacy and cloud apps. Read More

SharePoint 2010 collaboration ISVs focus on workflow, analytics

By Jonathan Gourlay 26 Oct 2011

The ISV space around SharePoint 2010 collaboration has focused on workflow and analytics, but with more development on the way, that is expected to expand into many other areas and capabilities. Read More

Which mobile cloud approach is right for your company?

By Matt Schulz 12 Dec 2013

A mobile cloud computing strategy can help workers be more productive on the go, but it's OK for some apps and data to stay on-prem. Read More

SharePoint integration considerations for every Exchange organization

By Matt Gervais 09 Jul 2012

Many companies use SharePoint and Exchange but fail to gain all the integration benefits. Avoid the common mistakes and incorporate the best practices discussed in this Q&A. Read More

How analytics engines could -- finally -- relieve enterprise search pain

By Laurence Hart 02 Jan 2015

Analytics engines could take what was once the province of e-discovery and make effective enterprise search a reality across all company information. Read More

Tel Aviv: A smart city where community engagement is the measure of success

10 May 2016

Israel’s capital is using the latest technologies as a way of placing the needs of local citizens at the heart of regional government Read More

VMware VDP and VDPA upgrades unlock more Avamar features

By Dave Raffo 16 Oct 2013

VMware adds cloud backup and Data Domain support to vSphere Data Protection (VDP) and VDP Advanced (VDPA) apps, which use EMC Avamar under the hood. Read More

WAN optimization policy goes deep: Think, user, time, location

By David Geer 03 Jun 2013

IT teams are setting WAN optimization policy that takes into account user, location and application type. Read More