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Where's the collaboration in enterprise collaboration tools?

By Lauren Horwitz 06 Dec 2013

Enterprise collaboration tools can generate sales, reduce costs and connect dispersed workers. So why are companies hesitant to use them? Read More

Don’t let performance anxiety derail your SharePoint 2010 installation

08 Sep 2011

SharePoint experts say a successful SharePoint 2010 installation and managing it on an ongoing basis becomes easier with proper planning and the foresight to deal with possible performance issues. Read More

How social collaboration platforms enhance contact center performance

By Irwin Lazar 06 Nov 2013

Looking to improve the performance ratings of your contact center? Consider using social collaboration platforms internally. Read More

Pfizer adopts MS OneNote for web collaboration

By Cliff Saran 15 Mar 2010

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has built its Enterprise 2.0 strategy to roll out web collaboration tools internally on the Microsoft OneNote tool that ships...

Read More

Windows 10 Mobile could boost Microsoft smartphone adoption

By Bryan Barringer 11 Jun 2015

Microsoft is still struggling to gain traction in the mobile device market, but Windows 10's focus on cross-device interoperability is its best chance to change the company's enterprise prospects. Read More

The 10 questions to ask during a mobile risk assessment

By Bryan Barringer 07 Nov 2014

To both embrace the benefits of BYOD and shore up the security gaps created by it, ask these 10 questions when conducting a mobile risk assessment. Read More

PaaS a step and stumbling block for Microsoft Azure cloud

By Tom Nolle 23 Mar 2015

Microsoft Azure's PaaS strategy separates it from rivals like AWS. But there's a flip side to every coin -- even with Azure PaaS. Read More

Microsoft Intune features help IT strike the right chord

By Robert Sheldon 21 Oct 2015

Intune, the focal point of Microsoft's enterprise mobility management strategy, combines mobile device management and mobile application management. Read More

Accountancy firm Baker Tilly uses Huddle for global collaboration

By Clare McDonald 04 Mar 2015

Baker Tilly International, a large international network of accounting firms, has deployed Huddle across its member organisations Read More

Prepare for the hidden costs of SharePoint Server 2010 implementations

By Don Jones 01 Nov 2011

It’s important to consider all the details and likely costs of a SharePoint Server 2010 implementation early to avoid nasty surprises and unplanned expenditures later. Read More