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With enterprise social software, usability matters more than features

By Jessica Scarpati 24 Jun 2011

No matter how much users love Facebook, they won't automatically flock to enterprise social software. Adoption requires more than meeting a checklist of feature sets. Read More

Gartner predicts expansive - but expensive - future for SharePoint apps

07 Dec 2010

Business applications on Microsoft's SharePoint could become as popular as the iPhone apps within five years, Gartner predicts. Read More

Three experts weigh in on best practices for SharePoint 2010 training

By Jonathan Gourlay 11 May 2011

Effective SharePoint 2010 training requires empowering employees to use the new collaboration tool and finding departments that are ripe for adoption, according to consultants. Read More

What are the best security tools for mobile collaboration?

21 Aug 2014

In this Ask the Expert from the Catalyst conference in San Diego, Gartner Analyst Mario de Boer talks about secure enterprise mobile collaboration, including why MDM and AV aren't effective security measures. Read More

Tesco signs eight-year deal to use Microsoft products and services

By Jenny Williams 02 Aug 2011

Tesco has signed a software licensing and services deal with Microsoft aimed at helping improve the retail giant's global productivity and international growth. Read More

Veeam adds free endpoint backup, gets a little physical

By Dave Raffo 08 Oct 2014

Veeam Endpoint Backup Free is a departure for the virtual machine backup vendor -- not because it's free, but because it handles physical devices. Read More

Comparing Exchange 2013 and Office 365 pricing and feature sets

By Andy Grogan 20 May 2013

Exchange 2013 and Office 365 pricing and feature sets are important items to examine when weighing an email migration. Here's what to know. Read More

Most employees use personal devices to store business documents

By Caroline Baldwin 31 May 2013

Over 90% of enterprise workers use personal devices to store, share and access work documents Read More

Enterprise social tools need UC integration to thrive

By Gina Narcisi 20 Mar 2013

Enterprise social tools won't become part of users' daily routines without some integration with basic UC services like voice and messaging. Read More

Bristol Council opts for open source electronic document management

By Kathleen Hall 21 Aug 2012

Bristol City Council has opted for an open source electronic document and records management (EDRM) system as part of moves to slash operational budget by £70m Read More