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Mobile technologies make it tougher to evade meter maids

By Jake O'Donnell 18 Feb 2015

One city in Oregon modernized its parking enforcement with mobile e-citation software on Samsung Galaxy devices, making it tougher to evade tickets. Read More

IT shops seeking IaaS consider Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

By Ed Scannell 17 Apr 2013

IT shops in the midst of determining their cloud strategies see Microsoft’s Windows Azure Infrastructure Services as a viable IaaS alternative to AWS. Read More

The challenges of information governance in our increasingly litigious age

18 Jun 2013

Formulating the right enterprise-wide information governance policies is essential in heading off potential legal and compliance costs Read More

The enterprise file syncing war is heating up

By James Furbush 06 Mar 2012

Last month Box rolled out an Android product that makes it easy to share and collaborate from Android phones and tablets. Read More

HP Autonomy executive: big data transcends analytics

By Brian McKenna 03 Jul 2014

Robert Youngjohns, executive vice-president at HP, speaks to Computer Weekly about why big data does not reduce to analytics Read More

Four steps to assess mobile collaboration technology for your workforce

By Philip Clarke 17 Feb 2014

As employees become more mobile, enterprise IT must learn how to assess and extend new mobile collaboration technology to the UC infrastructure. Read More

Streamlining Microsoft SharePoint backup and recovery: A SharePoint tutorial

23 Aug 2010

Although it's great for streamlining your office operations chores, it can be troublesome when it comes to data backup and recovery. Learn SharePoint backup best practices in our SharePoint tutorial. Read More

Update your data backup policy with new options

By Alan R. Earls 19 Jan 2017

The server backup market first evolved to protect VMs, but now it's undergoing another transformation. Find out how it's evolved and what you need to know for the future. Read More

Combine Office 365 tenants after a merger or acquisition

By Steve Goodman 25 Aug 2014

When organizations combine infrastructures because of a merger or acquisition, Exchange admins have their work cut out for them. One task might be to merge Office 365 tenants. Read More

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 spotlight

30 Jul 2010

The latest version of Microsoft's popular collaboration platform includes new features for admins concerned with governance and backup issues. Read More