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Microsoft Delve faces challenges in enterprise search tool role

By Scott Robinson 29 Feb 2016

Microsoft Delve may turn out to be the best enterprise search tool users could ask for, but it needs to work as well with on-premises data as it does in the cloud. Read More

Mobile SharePoint options: Microsoft finally delivers?

By Shawn Shell 01 Oct 2015

Microsoft is making good on a mobile SharePoint experience, but users still need to choose a path to get there. Read More

Office 365 migrations hardly turnkey

By Lauren Horwitz 21 Apr 2016

Companies with large estates in legacy systems like SharePoint will never say that Office 365 migration is easy. Read More

What to consider when choosing enterprise collaboration tools

By Reda Chouffani 24 Mar 2017

As collaboration needs grow, more options are beginning to sprout up. Here are the features to think about when selecting the enterprise collaboration tools for your organization. Read More

Make your Office 365 migration as seamless as possible

By Theresa Miller 13 Sep 2017

Theresa Miller covers the benefits of hybrid Exchange, group considerations, communications, and other advice for a smooth transition. Read More

Make a Windows Server 2016 Essentials comparison to find the best fit

By Jonathan Hassell 06 Jul 2017

Two similar-sounding versions of Windows Server 2016 Essentials have important differences, such as the number of licenses each enables a business to use. Read More

Microsoft SharePoint: Why are we still hearing so much about adoption issues?

01 May 2015

The SharePoint business system is too important to be left to IT; the whole business need to embrace it so it's more than just shelfware Read More

Can SharePoint keep up with collaboration competition?

By Paul Korzeniowski 15 Jan 2015

Collaboration tools like Dropbox and Google Drive are taking SharePoint's share of the market, but what can Microsoft do to bolster functionality? Read More

Microsoft announces SharePoint 2016 beta and details

By Nathan Lamb 20 Apr 2015

Microsoft will release a beta version of SharePoint 2016 later this year, and claims it'll feature better mobile, hybrid cloud and compliance tools. Read More

Businesses use enterprise file sync-and-share market to collaborate

By James Alan Miller 10 Feb 2017

Enterprise file sync and share solves numerous business problems by offering organizations a way to provide more secure document sharing and collaboration. Read More