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Digital transformation shaking confidence in SD-WAN

By Joe O’Halloran 24 Jan 2020

Cato Networks survey highlights importance of considering not only SD-WAN as an MPLS replacement but also its applicability to the broader needs of the digital business, such as cloud migration, network agility and... Read More

Layered security is IT's best defense

By Eric Klein 12 Jul 2016

Mobile devices aren't the only thing putting the enterprise network at risk. IT admins must grapple with a host of security threats, requiring a layered security model. Read More

Explore the top Wi-Fi 6 technology benefits and providers

By Andrew Froehlich 13 Feb 2020

Learn the basics around Wi-Fi 6 along with the security, battery and bandwidth improvements that come with the upgrade and the top companies to consider for buying options. Read More

Tatu Ylonen: Bad SSH security practices are exposing enterprises

By Rob Wright 20 Jan 2017

SSH creator Tatu Ylonen talks with SearchSecurity about how the cryptographic network protocol has grown over the years and why poor SSH security is jeopardizing enterprises today. Read More

How do I build a cloud-ready network?

By David Jacobs 11 Feb 2020

IT teams can prepare their networks for cloud migrations by planning around their applications, security strategies, remote users and WAN performance. Read More

Skyhigh expands CASB model to IaaS platform protection, custom apps

By Rob Wright 13 Feb 2017

At RSA Conference 2017, Skyhigh Networks explained how it expanded its cloud access security broker model to include IaaS platforms and custom enterprise applications. Read More

CenturyLink lands $1.6bn network services contract from US Dept of Interior

By Joe O’Halloran 17 Jan 2020

US operator engaged to help US agency achieve its mission to conserve and manage natural resources and cultural heritage Read More

How does Microsoft BitLocker secure local, cloud resources?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 14 Feb 2020

The BitLocker encryption technology continues to evolve from its roots as a Windows Vista feature to protect resources both in the local data center and in the Azure cloud platform. Read More

What are the cybersecurity benefits of zero trust?

By Andrew Froehlich 17 Feb 2020

The zero-trust model demands infosec leaders take a holistic approach to security. Learn about the benefits of zero trust and how it differs from traditional security approaches. Read More

Operational IoT must be seen to be secured

By Reggie Best 13 Jan 2020

When organizations use one network for both IoT and OT devices, they can only effectively secure their endpoints if they have a process to ensure endpoint visibility. Read More