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How to set up an SSTP VPN to secure your enterprise network

By Brien Posey 13 Jul 2010

Learn how to set up an SSTP VPN (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Virtual Private Network) connection in order to secure the remote users on your enterprise wide area network (WAN). These instructions explain ... Read More

SD-WAN vs. VPN: How do they compare?

By Robert Sturt 20 Sep 2019

When it comes to comparing SD-WAN vs. VPN services, enterprises choosing between the technologies should consider factors like cost, cloud usage and application awareness. Read More

All change: How big data could shake up cloud strategies and fuel demand for edge environments

By Caroline Donnelly 08 Oct 2019

As enterprise data volumes continue to grow and grow, for cost and performance reasons, enterprises might find an all-in approach to public cloud may not be the way forward, according to several NetEvents panellists Read More

New network traffic analysis tools focus on security

By Peter Loshin 20 Aug 2019

Companies have used traffic data analytics to improve bandwidth and network performance. Now, though, a new class of tools taps network data to improve security. Read More

Juniper Networks' JSA Series Secure Analytics: Product overview

By Dan Sullivan 09 Sep 2016

Expert Dan Sullivan examines the Juniper Networks JSA Series Secure Analytics product family, which provides log analysis, threat analysis and compliance reporting for larger enterprises. Read More

How can companies prevent and respond to island hopping attacks?

By Nick Lewis 09 Sep 2019

Island hopping attacks create enterprise risk by threatening their business affiliates. Here's how to create an incident response plan to mitigate risks from these indirect attacks. Read More

Look to over-the-top services to secure mobile, says specialist

By Warwick Ashford 04 Oct 2016

Mobile network operators should look to 3G and 4G while enterprises should consider OTT services to provide the best security, says telecommunications industry veteran and pioneer Charles Brookson Read More

Achieve network perimeter security through deep segmentation

By John Burke 13 Aug 2019

Firewall effectiveness is in deep decline, but there's still a way to create an effective security perimeter through the practice of deep segmentation. Learn how. Read More

What's the best way to provide Wi-Fi guest network security?

By Kevin Beaver 23 Jun 2015

Expert Kevin Beaver explains the steps enterprises should take to ensure secure guest wireless networks for visitors and the enterprise alike. Read More

IoT security risks persist; here's what to do about them

By Andrew Froehlich 04 Sep 2019

Nontech manufacturers building IoT devices combined with resource constraints is a recipe for disaster. It's the reality of IoT security issues, and the problem isn't going away. Read More