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AI can enhance content security with a bit of planning

By Geoffrey Bock 20 Jan 2020

Microsoft and Box both use AI technologies to keep content secure in the cloud. But before using such tools, businesses first need policies and procedures in place. Read More

IoT data lifecycle adapts to AI at the edge

By Scott Robinson 20 Feb 2020

The advent of IoT radically changed the enterprise data lifecycle, and the implementation of AI on the edge is changing it again to meet real-time analysis needs. Read More

Security Think Tank: No trust in zero trust need not be a problem

07 Feb 2020

In theory, the elimination of trust on the network simplifies IT security, but zero trust also brings new complications and new challenges. How should CISOs go about moving their organisations from traditional ... Read More

Privafy claims ‘fundamentally new’ approach to mobile data security

By Joe O’Halloran 23 Jan 2020

New company aims to address underlying security vulnerabilities to protect internet-reliant businesses Read More

Adjusting your network perimeter security

By Johna Till Johnson 20 Nov 2015

Expert Johna Till Johnson explains how the enterprise perimeter became obsolete, and how to replace network perimeter security with an approach to perimeterless security. Read More

IoT security products address threats posed by connected devices

By Scott Robinson 31 Jan 2020

IoT security can be difficult, as malicious hackers use embedded devices to crack into networks. Learn how five IoT security vendors address these challenges. Read More

IT security is broken: Six ways partners can help fix it

By Ian Jenkins 23 Jan 2020

Many organisations have numerous non-integrated security point products installed across their enterprise, the management of which is a huge challenge. Here, we discuss how partners can help their customers to ... Read More

Silver Peak claims cloud-scale SD-WAN innovation with enhanced core platform

By Joe O’Halloran 12 Dec 2019

SD-WAN tech provider enhances Unity EdgeConnect platform to respond to the evolving requirements of cloud-first enterprises looking to scale, automate and extend SD-WAN deployments across multiple fabrics Read More

HPE buys Scytale to hone cloud-native security chops

By Chris Kanaracus 04 Feb 2020

HPE has scooped up Scytale, a startup that has developed a cloud-native security framework for highly distributed applications. While most enterprises don't need such capabilities today, HPE has taken a step that ... Read More

Network perimeter security in a perimeterless world

23 Dec 2015

The old enterprise network perimeter is becoming perimeterless. Here’s how to revamp old network perimeter security strategies to cope with the new reality. Read More