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Build a source of truth into your network automation strategy

By Jennifer English 23 Jan 2020

Many network automation approaches rely on a source of truth repository to provide data on network behavior. But building this automation database isn't always easy. Read More

Aruba SD-Branch gets intrusion detection, prevention software

By Antone Gonsalves 09 Jan 2020

The latest update of the Aruba SD-Branch includes intrusion detection and prevention software built into the product's gateway appliance. Read More

IoT security services emerge as channel partner offering

By Esther Shein 18 Dec 2019

IoT adoption is rapidly expanding the attack surface of customer organizations, creating an opportunity for channel firms to provide consulting and security services. Read More

How Cisco certification changes alter CCNP and CCIE tracks

By Michaela Goss 18 Feb 2020

Here's what to expect from the colossal Cisco certification changes to the CCNP and CCIE tracks that aim to increase material relevance and benefit network engineers' daily lives. Read More

User activity monitoring is just as critical as asset monitoring

By Gina Narcisi 26 Nov 2014

User Activity Monitoring is as important as asset monitoring for enterprise network security, finds research from Enterprise Management Associates. Read More

Watch for these 6 wireless networking trends in 2020

By Lee Doyle 14 Feb 2020

No doubt you've heard about 5G and Wi-Fi 6. But don't forget other wireless trends emerging in 2020, such as CBRS, dynamic spectrum sharing and Open RAN. Read More

Future of networking technology relies on 5G, edge computing

By Michaela Goss 16 Jan 2020

In this roundup of networking blogs, experts discuss the key trends they look forward to in 2020 and how these advancements could benefit networking's future. Read More

Security Think Tank: Practical steps to achieve zero trust

By Petra Wenham 13 Feb 2020

In theory, the elimination of trust on the network simplifies IT security, but zero trust also brings new complications and new challenges. How should CISOs go about moving their organisations from traditional ... Read More

Juniper Networks' JSA Series Secure Analytics: Product overview

By Dan Sullivan 09 Sep 2016

Expert Dan Sullivan examines the Juniper Networks JSA Series Secure Analytics product family, which provides log analysis, threat analysis and compliance reporting for larger enterprises. Read More

Network security risks multiply when enterprises begin outsourcing

By Jessica Scarpati 07 Oct 2009

Network security risks of outsourcing tech jobs worry IT executives, according to a new survey. Without the right protections, outsourcing could expose companies to a network security breach. Read More