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The top 5 capabilities your edge infrastructure should have

By Michaela Goss 21 Aug 2019

The network edge plays a vital role in the future of networking and digital transformation. Make sure your infrastructure has these five components to help it on its way. Read More

Vendors lining up behind SASE for cloud security

By Antone Gonsalves 04 Oct 2019

SD-WAN and network security vendors tailor their portfolios to deliver SASE, a cloud security architecture for the age of SaaS, public clouds and IoT. Read More

Digital supply networks improve visibility and collaboration

By Beth Stackpole 10 Oct 2019

Digital supply networks offer better visibility and collaboration than traditional supply chains. Find out what they are and whether they might help your company. Read More

7 must-have steps for a cloud migration checklist

By Nicholas Rando 04 Oct 2019

Migrating an enterprise's data and applications to the cloud includes a laundry list of considerations. Review the steps you need to take to complete your migration. Read More

Brave new WAN: Technologies emerge to transform wide area networks

19 Apr 2017

In the blink of an eye, the formerly staid wide area network has become a brave new world, defined by rapid change and innovation, and the subject of plenty of industry buzz. Emerging WAN technologies -- from ... Read More

New study shows enterprise security confidence high but defenses low

By Maxim Tamarov 27 Apr 2015

A new study from network security firm Fortinet shows that enterprise security confidence levels are high despite a lack of comprehensive security measures. Read More

Should I invest in attack simulation tools?

By Andrew Froehlich 27 Sep 2019

Attack simulation tools -- along with third-party penetration testing -- can help improve an organization's enterprise security. Find out why. Read More

Tips and tricks to integrate IT and OT teams securely

By Johna Till Johnson 20 Sep 2019

IT and operational teams can work in tandem to support IoT projects, but their separate roles and responsibilities to one another must be clearly defined. Read More

LogRhythm touts unlimited data plan for SIEM systems

By Aaron Tan 03 Oct 2019

SIEM supplier introduces three-year, term-based pricing plan that lets enterprises ingest as much data as they want without breaking the bank Read More

Addressing NFV security issues in the enterprise

By Judith Myerson 01 Mar 2016

Network functions virtualization can complement SDN and benefit enterprises, but there are NFV security considerations that must be addressed. Expert Judith Myerson explains. Read More