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New study shows enterprise security confidence high but defenses low

By Maxim Tamarov 27 Apr 2015

A new study from network security firm Fortinet shows that enterprise security confidence levels are high despite a lack of comprehensive security measures. Read More

Private 5G networks: Are they the right choice for you?

By Rene Millman 15 Aug 2019

The concept of dedicated private mobile networks for large enterprises is not a new one, but with the advent of ultrafast 5G networks, they are starting to attract more interest Read More

Where does mobile video messaging fit in the enterprise?

By David Maldow 18 Jun 2019

Mobile video messaging has come a long way from its introduction to the enterprise. With the rise of remote work, mobile video has become more necessary than ever. Read More

Addressing NFV security issues in the enterprise

01 Mar 2016

Network functions virtualization can complement SDN and benefit enterprises, but there are NFV security considerations that must be addressed. Expert Judith Myerson explains. Read More

Network security basics: A Buyer's Guide

15 Dec 2015

Getting network security basics right is critical. This SearchNetworking Buyer's Guide helps you purchase the best products for your enterprise. Read More

Latest Slack security updates widen gap between Grid, Plus plans

By Jonathan Dame 09 Aug 2019

Slack released a roadmap for giving IT administrators more data security controls. Almost all of the new features will be available only to Enterprise Grid customers. Read More

IT pros brace for wave of M&A in microservices security

By Beth Pariseau 20 Jun 2019

Microservices and DevOps have made IT security a shared responsibility among enterprise stakeholders, and experts expect this shift to prompt mass consolidation among vendors. Read More

How can endpoint security features help combat modern threats?

By Andrew Froehlich 26 Jul 2019

The antivirus of yesteryear isn't a strong enough competitor to beat modern enterprise threats. Learn about the endpoint security features ready to tackle these battles head-on. Read More

Buyers think SD-WAN is too expensive and complicated

By Alex Scroxton 20 Aug 2019

Building and maintaining an SD-WAN is perceived as a complicated endeavour, and the industry’s messages are not getting through, says a new report Read More

How to secure the SDN infrastructure

By Rene Millman 06 Mar 2015

As more enterprises look to deploy software-defined networking, the need for security from the ground up should not be underestimated Read More