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Future networks jettison traditional networking thinking

04 May 2017

Software-defined networking gets all the headlines, but there's another trend gaining traction in future networks: software-based networking. Enterprises are increasing their reliance on software -- rather than ... Read More

An introduction to the types of firewalls and how they work

28 Jun 2019

In this introduction to firewall technology, learn about the types of firewalls and how they work to keep private networks safe from hackers and other security threats. Read More

Fortinet launches new WAN and edge security platform

By Tanner Harding 19 Jun 2019

Fortinet's Secure SD-Branch platform uses Fortinet security products to converge WAN and security into an integrated platform and protect access edges. Read More

Netskope announces enterprise application security platform

By Tanner Harding 18 Jun 2019

Netskope for Private Access is a cloud-based platform that secures private enterprise applications on public clouds and in on-premises data centers using zero-trust access. Read More

Shared files in the cloud are a top ransomware target

By Warwick Ashford 07 Aug 2019

Vectra 2019 Spotlight report shows recent ransomware attacks cast a wider net to ensnare cloud, datacentre and enterprise infrastructures Read More

Verizon, Equinix cooperate on SDI to colo data centers

By Antone Gonsalves 23 Jul 2019

Verizon is offering a software-defined interconnection to Equinix colo data centers. The Verizon-Equinix service is an alternative to a physical network connection. Read More

Clear up the confusion about end-user computing

By Jack Madden 08 Aug 2019

Today's end-user computing industry is the culmination of a decade of changes in mobility, desktops, virtualization and more. Dive in to what really qualifies as EUC. Read More

HR must contend with enterprise social network challenges

By Reda Chouffani 16 Aug 2019

Enterprise social networks like Slack and Yammer are gaining steam as alternatives to traditional email, but they can raise some concerns for HR managers. Read More

How to conduct proper AWS vulnerability scanning in 3 steps

By Sharon Shea ,Rob Shapland 19 Aug 2019

Cloud vulnerability management can be complicated. Learn how to perform AWS vulnerability scans under the shared responsibility model. Read More

SDN components transform the LAN

01 Sep 2017

Full software-defined networking is elusive in the local area network, but SDN components can help create a LAN that is more flexible and programmable. Users are beginning to explore what SDN elements like ... Read More