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Top five tips for perimeterless network perimeter security

By Johna Till Johnson 10 Dec 2015

As enterprise networks go perimeterless, new network perimeter security strategies gain importance. Expert Johna Till Johnson shares five top tips for perimeterless protection. Read More

F5 Networks to acquire Shape Security for $1 billion

By Alexander Culafi 20 Dec 2019

F5 Networks is acquiring Shape Security for approximately $1 billion in a move to strengthen its presence in the application security and anti-fraud markets. Read More

Why Secure Access Service Edge is the future of SD-WAN

By Steve Garson 19 Nov 2019

Secure Access Service Edge -- or SASE -- architecture transitions from network design that revolves around the data center to a model based on identity and user context. Read More

Juggling a multi-cloud security strategy takes work

By Katie Donegan 25 Nov 2019

Enterprise security best practices must account for changes in cloud landscapes. Learn how to overcome such challenges and bolster multi-cloud security with technology and policy. Read More

Office 365 single sign-on augurs complexity, setup hitches

By Kevin Beaver 22 Mar 2016

Office 365 SSO allows end users to log into the enterprise network with existing credentials from any device, but admins should consider security requirements before implementing SSO. Read More

Security Think Tank: Zero trust – just another name for the basics?

By Tim Holman 03 Feb 2020

In theory, the elimination of trust on the network simplifies IT security, but zero trust also brings new complications and new challenges. How should CISOs go about moving their organisations from traditional ... Read More

Tata, Fortinet to offer managed services for Microsoft Azure virtual WAN

By Joe O’Halloran 22 Nov 2019

Firms launch one of the first industry offerings of native hybrid SD-WAN coupled with traffic steering and security protection for the Azure cloud Read More

Mastercard opens European security resilience unit

By Alex Scroxton 17 Feb 2020

Mastercard’s European Cyber Resilience Centre will bring together its partners and other industry bodies to support enterprise resilience Read More

Why relying on network perimeter security alone is a failure

By Paul Henry 21 Dec 2015

A network perimeter security strategy alone can no longer protect enterprises. Expert Paul Henry explains why organizations must adapt. Read More

Cisco Discovery Protocol flaws jeopardize 'tens of millions' of devices

By Alexander Culafi 05 Feb 2020

Armis Security disclosed five vulnerabilities, dubbed 'CDPwn,' in Cisco's Discovery Protocol, which impact 'tens of millions' of Cisco devices such as routers and IP phones. Read More