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Palo Alto Networks enters cloud security gateway market

By Rob Wright 18 Sep 2015

Palo Alto Networks has launched its own CASB offering called Aperture, which aims to provide SaaS security controls for enterprises. Read More

Dedicated network to public cloud a priority

By Trevor Jones 11 Dec 2014

A secure, dedicated network is a priority for many enterprise customers of public cloud as they look for predictability and security. Read More

BT gears up to take on rogue drones

By Alex Scroxton 10 Sep 2019

BT’s Enterprise unit is offering customers an anti-drone security solution to protect their physical sites from intrusion Read More

Follow these top cloud migration trends

By Sara Grier 26 Sep 2019

Cloud migrations are inevitable for some enterprises as they navigate a move off premises or between clouds. Evaluate some of the latest migration trends and the pros and cons that come with each one. Read More

SD-WAN: How channel can make net gains

By Billy MacInnes 09 Oct 2019

How prepared are channel partners to take advantage of the rapidly growing SD-WAN market? Read More

Legacy tools encumber modern network infrastructure monitoring

By Jennifer English 12 Sep 2019

Many IT teams still use older monitoring tools that provide limited visibility across multiple network environments. AI and machine learning can help, but they'll take some time. Read More

Overinvestment breeds overconfidence among security pros

By Alex Scroxton 26 Sep 2019

CISOs have made an abundance of security investments in multiple suppliers, but this might not be the right approach Read More

How software-defined perimeter authentication ups security

By Johna Till Johnson 23 Sep 2019

Find out how the emerging software-defined perimeter model increases security by its design and how it can serve as a building block to zero-trust security. Read More

BlackBerry Intelligent Security enables flexible security policy

By Ha Ta 05 Aug 2019

BlackBerry launched a new unified endpoint management platform, BlackBerry Intelligent Security, which changes security policies by calculating user risk. Read More

Conducting an enterprise network security scan with Nessus

By Mike Chapple 05 Jan 2007

Channel professionals can use this tip for advice on how to put Nessus scans to good use in an efficient enterprise scanning program. Learn best practices, such as letting everyone know about the scan, widely ... Read More