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Conducting an enterprise network security scan with Nessus

By Mike Chapple 05 Jan 2007

Channel professionals can use this tip for advice on how to put Nessus scans to good use in an efficient enterprise scanning program. Learn best practices, such as letting everyone know about the scan, widely ... Read More

Aryaka hybrid WAN expected to broaden market appeal

By Antone Gonsalves 26 Sep 2019

The Aryaka hybrid WAN is expected to help the vendor sell more to customers that have found its global SD-WAN too expensive for connecting sites in one geographical location. Read More

Navigate Android encryption software from OEMs, EMM vendors

By Robert Sheldon 26 Sep 2019

IT professionals can go beyond Android OS encryption to secure their mobile endpoints. OEMs such as Samsung and EMM vendors offer additional protections for Android smartphones. Read More

Exposed Docker hosts open the door for cryptojacking

By Beth Pariseau, Michael Heller 16 Oct 2019

Security researchers discovered a new Docker worm that has been targeting exposed hosts in order to spread cryptojacking malware to other containers. Read More

IEEE group advocates random MAC addresses for Wi-Fi security

By James Maimonis 15 Jul 2015

An IEEE group advocates random MAC addresses for increased Wi-Fi security, while networking pros say enterprise security isn't strong enough for moving applications to the cloud. Read More

SDN components transform the LAN

01 Sep 2017

Full software-defined networking is elusive in the local area network, but SDN components can help create a LAN that is more flexible and programmable. Users are beginning to explore what SDN elements like ... Read More

What AWS testing tools and services are available?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 14 Oct 2019

There are many tools available on the AWS Marketplace for QA testing, making it difficult to determine where to begin. What should an enterprise look for when choosing among QA tools? Read More

Top 6 Google cloud certification programs

By Stephen J. Bigelow 11 Sep 2019

The cloud job market continues to grow, but it can be hard to get your resume to the top of the pile. Consider these Google cloud certifications to stand out from the crowd. Read More

Defining and evaluating SOC as a service

By Ed Moyle 08 Oct 2019

As cloud use increases, many enterprises outsource some security operations center functions. Evaluate if SOCaaS is the best model for your enterprise. Read More

How to detect and defend against a TCP port 445 exploit and attacks

By Kevin Beaver 15 Aug 2019

The WannaCry TCP port 445 exploit returned the spotlight to Microsoft's long-abused networking port. Network security expert Kevin Beaver explains how to detect and defend against such attacks. Read More