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Versa Networks partnership expands Riverbed SD-WAN offerings

By Tanner Harding 14 Jun 2019

Riverbed and Versa Networks teamed up on an OEM agreement that enables Riverbed to use Versa's enterprise-class secure SD-WAN technology. Read More

Will 5G networks require new network engineer skills?

By John Fruehe 14 May 2019

The 5G network will likely affect network engineer skills in areas such as security, physical appliances and software. But enterprise teams won't see too much change, for now. Read More

Top 5 reasons for a zero-trust approach to network security

By Peter Loshin 12 Apr 2019

As network perimeters disintegrate and enterprises adopt cloud computing, discover the top reasons organizations are opting for a zero-trust approach to network security. Read More

AI-enabled network automation supports milliseconds response time

By Jennifer English 14 Mar 2019

Enterprises need to respond to network and security events in milliseconds, not seconds. Network automation coupled with artificial intelligence tools can help. Read More

How to build an enterprise penetration testing plan

By Andrew Froehlich 19 Aug 2019

Simulating an attack against your network is one of the best ways to remediate security holes before the bad guys find them. Here, learn penetration testing basics and how it can help keep your enterprise safe. Read More

Securing your mobile estate – best practice for CIOs

By Christian Annesley 11 Jul 2019

The prevalence of mobile devices in every part of daily life is shaping how enterprises make choices about software and network infrastructure, but how do businesses go about securing these vast new endpoint ... Read More

What does a zero-trust model mean for network security?

By John Fruehe 18 Mar 2019

A zero-trust model limits access and permissions according to a defined set of parameters that enterprises specify for each application. Learn what this means for network security. Read More

How to deploy deep packet inspection in the cloud

By Frank Siemons 18 Feb 2019

Despite privacy concerns about deep packet inspection, it can help improve cloud network security for enterprises. Expert Frank Siemons explains how to avoid potential pitfalls. Read More

Mobile network security remains an enterprise challenge

By Eric Klein 11 Oct 2016

Workers demand access to their company's network anytime, anywhere -- making mobile network security a constant challenge for IT. Admins can turn to SDN and NFV technology. Read More

What basic steps can improve network device security in enterprises?

By Matthew Pascucci 28 Feb 2017

Network device security is a big problem for enterprises, but there are some basic steps they can take to improve it. Expert Matthew Pascucci outlines the process. Read More