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Using on-premises object storage beyond secondary storage

By John Edwards 11 Feb 2020

On-premises object-based storage is replacing traditional storage in areas such as streaming, big data and IoT. Get the latest on how this technology is being used. Read More

Security channel faces challenges educating SME customer base

By Simon Quicke 05 Feb 2020

Research from Kaspersky and Sophos reveals the risks that some smaller firms are running Read More

Dedicated network to public cloud a priority

By Trevor Jones 11 Dec 2014

A secure, dedicated network is a priority for many enterprise customers of public cloud as they look for predictability and security. Read More

Consenna launches HP trade-in programme targeting SMEs

By Simon Quicke 04 Feb 2020

Firm kicks off trade-in programme to encourage smaller companies to invest in fresh desktops and laptops Read More

How can an enterprise mobile VPN fit into a mobility plan?

By Robert Sheldon 21 Nov 2019

Organizations that need to secure mobile users and provide remote access to corporate resources should consider an on-premises or cloud-hosted mobile VPN to support mobile users. Read More

Top 5 options for Linux certifications

By Julia Borgini 11 Nov 2019

Are you ready to expand your Linux knowledge? Here's a look at the latest courses, training content and exams available from professional groups and vendors. Read More

Web app ubiquity gives cyber criminals new opportunities

By Alex Scroxton 05 Feb 2020

The popularity and ubiquity of web-based apps such as Office 365 and Salesforce is a temptation too good to miss for cyber criminals Read More

Brave new WAN: Technologies emerge to transform wide area networks

19 Apr 2017

In the blink of an eye, the formerly staid wide area network has become a brave new world, defined by rapid change and innovation, and the subject of plenty of industry buzz. Emerging WAN technologies -- from ... Read More

Aviatrix VPN vulnerability left user endpoints wide open

By Alex Scroxton 05 Dec 2019

Immersive Labs has disclosed a serious vulnerability in VPN supplier Aviatrix’s enterprise client that could have granted hackers elevated user privileges across enterprise targets Read More

Arista CloudEOS addresses multi-cloud networking

By Antone Gonsalves 05 Nov 2019

Arista joins Cisco, Juniper and VMware in the multi-cloud networking market. The new Arista CloudEOS leverages CloudVision for multi-cloud monitoring, automation and management. Read More