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Palo Alto Networks enters cloud security gateway market

By Rob Wright 18 Sep 2015

Palo Alto Networks has launched its own CASB offering called Aperture, which aims to provide SaaS security controls for enterprises. Read More

Decipher how and when to utilize the Azure logging options

By Kurt Marko 25 Nov 2019

Logging is a big piece of the cloud management puzzle. Do you know which logs to track in Azure Monitor, and when to use them? Learn more about Azure log types and best practices. Read More

2019's top 5 free enterprise network intrusion detection tools

By Peter Loshin 29 Apr 2019

Snort is one of the industry's top network intrusion detection tools, but plenty of other open source alternatives are available. Discover new and old favorites for packet sniffing and more. Read More

Splunk Mission Control launch enables a unified SOC

By Ha Ta 30 Oct 2019

Mission Control is intended to unify Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk Phantom and Splunk User Behavior Analytics into the Splunk Security Operations Suite. Read More

CyCognito turning tables by using botnets for good

By Alexander Culafi 20 Jan 2020

In this Q&A with CyCognito CEO Rob Gurzeev, he discusses what led to his company, how attack simulations work and how he plans to spend the company's recent round of funding. Read More

How effective are traditional authentication methods?

By Andrew Froehlich 21 Jan 2020

Are you up to date on the most popular digital authentication methods and their potential cybersecurity risks? Learn how the right technology can improve and secure access management. Read More

8 MobileIron features that EMM admins should know

By Colm Warner 08 Jan 2020

IT professionals should make the most of their EMM platform by learning the potentially overlooked features. MobileIron admins should learn about the following eight features. Read More

4 IoT trends that will impact organizations in 2020

By Daniel Jackson 04 Feb 2020

As IoT and connected devices continue to grow, organizations must establish best practices and ideal workflows to tackle whatever 2020 — and the future — might hold. Read More

Even with a roadmap, zero-trust model an ongoing process

By Mary K. Pratt 18 Feb 2020

Adopting a zero-trust environment was the right move for GitLab, according to the company's former security chief, but it may not be well suited for all enterprises. Read More

2020 Trends in Cloud Infrastructure

13 Feb 2020

Reports of the demise of on-premises infrastructure in favor of public cloud are greatly exaggerated. On-premises data centers remain the dominant infrastructure deployment platform in 2020, according to TechTarget... Read More