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Microsoft teams up with India’s Jio in cloud push

By Aaron Tan 13 Aug 2019

Microsoft and Indian telecoms giant Jio will deliver cloud infrastructure services through two new datacentres being built in Gujarat and Maharashtra Read More

7 key characteristics of cloud computing

By Trevor Jones 15 Jul 2019

Companies rely on the cloud for modern app development. Learn the key features that differentiate cloud computing from traditional, on-premises IT architectures. Read More

Compare Linkerd vs. Istio for service mesh technology

By Tom Nolle 29 Jul 2019

To decide between Istio and Linkerd for a service mesh platform, consider everything from performance and ease of use to support from major public cloud providers. Read More

State of the Network study: How security tasks are dominating IT staff

By Kevin Beaver 19 Jun 2015

The majority of networking teams are regularly involved in enterprise security tasks. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the phenomena and how to embrace it. Read More

Lightweight Machine-to-Machine technology emerges in IoT networks

By William Yan 19 Aug 2019

The LwM2M protocol is beginning to gain serious traction among IoT experts. AVSystem's William Yan explores LwM2M and covers major advantages and who can benefit from the protocol the most. Read More

McAfee warns of serious security flaw in building controller

By Warwick Ashford 09 Aug 2019

Security researchers have demonstrated how simple flaws in building controllers could allow malicious actors to manipulate control systems with devastating effect, highlighting the importance of operational ... Read More

Bibb County School District cybersecurity efforts use AI

By Mark Labbe 16 Aug 2019

Using AI-driven cybersecurity from ManagedMethods, a Georgia school district blocks external threats and identifies potentially harmful language in student documents. Read More

Oracle Generation 2 cloud service to debut in Australia

By Aaron Tan 06 Aug 2019

The Sydney Generation 2 cloud region will be delivered from a new datacentre to meet demand for Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and autonomous database services in Australia Read More

How to prevent cybersecurity attacks using this 4-part strategy

By Dave Shackleford 28 Jun 2019

It can be daunting to defend an enterprise against cyberattacks, but these four defensive moves can help fortify and repel whatever comes your way. Read More

Top incident response tools to boost network protection

By Dave Shackleford 28 Jun 2019

Incident response tools can help organizations identify, prevent and respond to malware exploits, ransomware and other targeted cybersecurity attacks. Read More