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Fortinet launches new WAN and edge security platform

By Tanner Harding 19 Jun 2019

Fortinet's Secure SD-Branch platform uses Fortinet security products to converge WAN and security into an integrated platform and protect access edges. Read More

Netskope announces enterprise application security platform

By Tanner Harding 18 Jun 2019

Netskope for Private Access is a cloud-based platform that secures private enterprise applications on public clouds and in on-premises data centers using zero-trust access. Read More

An introduction to the types of firewalls and how they work

28 Jun 2019

In this introduction to firewall technology, learn about the types of firewalls and how they work to keep private networks safe from hackers and other security threats. Read More

Comparing H.323 vs. SIP: What's the difference?

By Irwin Lazar 27 Sep 2019

Discover the similarities and differences of H.323 vs. SIP standards, and learn why SIP has become the de facto standard for voice and video communications. Read More

Stateless offers software-defined interconnect platform

By Ha Ta 25 Sep 2019

The new platform, Luxon, provides software control that replaces customized hardware and offers more configuration possibilities with new switch technology. Read More

Enterprise backup software provides data protection foundation

By Chris Evans, George Crump 08 Oct 2019

Learn how backup and recovery software has evolved and what features it offers IT enterprises that need to protect cloud and virtual environments and other data sources. Read More

The first big SDN data breach is just a matter of time

By Alex Scroxton 09 Oct 2014

As more enterprises opt for software-defined networking implementations, the potential for a major security breach will grow Read More

Securing IoT involves developers, manufacturers and end users alike

By Kevin McDonald 23 Aug 2019

Who's to blame for the IoT security problem: manufacturers creating devices, end user deploying them or governments not creating legislation enforcing security measures? Read More

Private 5G networks: Are they the right choice for you?

By Rene Millman 15 Aug 2019

The concept of dedicated private mobile networks for large enterprises is not a new one, but with the advent of ultrafast 5G networks, they are starting to attract more interest Read More

How can endpoint security features help combat modern threats?

By Andrew Froehlich 26 Jul 2019

The antivirus of yesteryear isn't a strong enough competitor to beat modern enterprise threats. Learn about the endpoint security features ready to tackle these battles head-on. Read More