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Perimeterless security still has borders -- and APIs need it

By Tom Nolle 17 Dec 2019

Many people believe perimeterless security means borders are a thing of the past. But virtual borders secure APIs needed by mobile users and cloud workloads. Check out how to manage them. Read More

SD-WAN requirements for a multi-cloud world

By Lee Doyle 05 Feb 2020

With the emergence of a multi-cloud world, SD-WAN vendors must upgrade their platforms to ensure secure and reliable SD-WAN connectivity to cloud services. Read More

NSA reports flaw in Windows cryptography core

By Michael Heller 15 Jan 2020

Microsoft patched a critical vulnerability in how Windows validates cryptographic certificates that could lead to dangerous attacks, according to experts, and was originally reported by the NSA. Read More

Network security vs. application security: What's the difference?

By Kevin Beaver 06 Nov 2019

Different tools protect different assets at the network and application layers. But both network and application security need to support the larger security plan. Read More

What is data separation and why is it important in the cloud?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 13 Feb 2020

Some enterprises avoid the public cloud due to its multi-tenant nature and data security concerns. Learn what data separation is and how it can keep your data safe. Read More

It’s tough living on the edge

By Gordon Haff 06 Jan 2020

Edge computing has advantages in latency, but dealing with failure resiliency and automation, where both distribution and scale are so great, can be especially challenging. Read More

5 common SD-WAN challenges and how to prepare for them

By Robert Sturt 18 Nov 2019

SD-WAN technology has its fair share of risk factors, some of which include security, deployment and quality of service. Find out how your IT team can prepare for these challenges. Read More

How to start building an SD-WAN RFP

By Robert Sturt 02 Jan 2020

An SD-WAN request for proposal should include comprehensive questions that dive into vendor features and capabilities, architecture, cost savings and PoCs. Read More

12 questions to ask about SD-WAN managed services

By Lee Doyle 23 Jan 2020

When contemplating SD-WAN managed services, organizations should ask questions about network security, infrastructure compatibility and bandwidth requirements. Read More

4 tips to safely onboard IoT devices onto your Wi-Fi network

By Ofer Amitai 10 Sep 2019

As IoT usage increases, having a secure Wi-Fi network to onboard and connect your IoT devices is crucial. CEO and CO-Found of Portnoz, Ofer Amitai, shares four tips to help secure IoT devices onto ... Read More