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The first big SDN data breach is just a matter of time

By Alex Scroxton 09 Oct 2014

As more enterprises opt for software-defined networking implementations, the potential for a major security breach will grow Read More

What is data center networking, and how can you get started?

By Michaela Goss 23 Aug 2019

This feature explores the basics of data center networks, such as how to plan for data center consolidation, the effects of cloud services and how to handle data center interconnects. Read More

OpenDaylight Project Helium ready for commercialization

By Shamus McGillicuddy 01 Oct 2014

The OpenDaylight Project Helium release brings the added security and application networking features that enterprises want. Read More

How to build a strong cloud network security strategy

By Dave Shackleford 23 Apr 2019

Building a secure network in the cloud is different from securing a traditional network. Learn what the main differences are and how to establish cloud networking security. Read More

Does TCP/IP reassembly pose a TCP/IP packet format risk?

By Brad Casey 08 Apr 2014

An obscure process called TCP/IP reassembly may pose an enterprise network security risk. Learn about this TCP/IP packet format security issue. Read More

Cisco IoT platform gets partner authorization program

By John Moore 01 Feb 2019

Cisco has launched an IoT partner authorization program and associated training to help channel companies establish their credibility as providers of this emerging technology. Read More

A review of SD-branch and its progression from SD-WAN

By Jennifer English 03 Apr 2019

The goal of software-defined branch is to merge network functions and management into a single platform, but the branch architecture still lacks maturity, despite some early deployments. Read More

What are the steps I should take for network transformation?

By Andrew Froehlich 16 Aug 2019

The path to digital transformation has three points that all organizations should reach to ensure their network is ready for digital transformation. Read More

Cisco shows off AI-driven network analysis at customer event

By Alex Scroxton 11 Jun 2019

New tools to help IT departments better understand network behaviour and predict potential problems were among a series of announcements made on the opening day of Cisco Live in the US Read More

Google bolsters hybrid cloud proposition for enterprises through VMware partnership

By Caroline Donnelly 30 Jul 2019

VMware-Google hybrid cloud partnership should pave the way for enterprises to run their vSphere-based workloads on the search giant's public cloud platform with greater ease Read More