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12 questions to ask about SD-WAN managed services

By Lee Doyle 23 Jan 2020

When contemplating SD-WAN managed services, organizations should ask questions about network security, infrastructure compatibility and bandwidth requirements. Read More

4 tips to safely onboard IoT devices onto your Wi-Fi network

By Ofer Amitai 10 Sep 2019

As IoT usage increases, having a secure Wi-Fi network to onboard and connect your IoT devices is crucial. CEO and CO-Found of Portnoz, Ofer Amitai, shares four tips to help secure IoT devices onto ... Read More

Aqua Security buys CloudSploit, expands into cloud security

By Beth Pariseau 12 Nov 2019

Amid consolidation and chaos in the cloud security market, Aqua snaps up CloudSploit and sets the stage for increased competition with traditional IT security vendors. Read More

Throttling mobile malware with per-app VPNs

By Lisa Phifer 03 Nov 2015

How can enterprises enable mobility while insulating corporate networks from mobile malware? Per-app VPN tunnels offer secure remote access when combined with other measures. Read More

State of the Network study: How security tasks are dominating IT staff

By Kevin Beaver 19 Jun 2015

The majority of networking teams are regularly involved in enterprise security tasks. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the phenomena and how to embrace it. Read More

Salesforce consulting services deals go global

By John Moore, Spencer Smith 21 Feb 2020

Publicis Sapient's buyout of Sapient i7 is the latest acquisition in the increasingly globalized Salesforce consulting services market; more channel news from the week. Read More

Appdome study: Internal mobile apps in public app stores are becoming common. What does this mean?

By Jack Madden 09 Jan 2020

Putting your internal mobile apps out there for anyone to download might not seem like the obvious thing to do, but it brings distinct advantages and is in line with zero trust trends. Read More

What are the benefits of the Amazon API Gateway tool for AWS?

By Dan Sullivan 15 Jan 2016

Can the new Amazon API Gateway help make the AWS public cloud networks more secure? Expert Dan Sullivan examines how this new tool can benefit enterprises. Read More

Five tips for managing guest wireless network access

By Craig Mathias 30 Apr 2015

With the proliferation of mobile devices, guest access to enterprise networks is more common. IT can maintain security with tools such as identity management and per-session security keys. Read More

Mobility brings new ways to tackle IT security threats

By Jake O'Donnell 05 Jun 2015

Enterprise mobility has brought major changes to the way IT approaches security, especially when it comes to controlling network access. Read More