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Mobility brings new ways to tackle IT security threats

By Jake O'Donnell 05 Jun 2015

Enterprise mobility has brought major changes to the way IT approaches security, especially when it comes to controlling network access. Read More

Virtual network security measures to thwart access threats

By Tom Nolle 04 Oct 2019

Virtual networks add a layer of complexity to the real networks below them. Follow these three virtual network security measures to prevent complexity from creating issues. Read More

Enterprise wearables bring benefits, management challenges

By Robert Sheldon 16 Dec 2019

Enterprise mobility isn't just about smartphones and tablets. Wearable device adoption is growing, so IT should be ready to support this dynamic category of mobile devices. Read More

Tanium Converge 2019: keynote notes, quotes & anecdotes

By Adrian Bridgwater 19 Nov 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team found itself 'down south' in Nashville, Tennessee this week for Tanium CONVERGE 2019. Now in its fourth year, the event has gained some critical mass and ... Read More

Sandra Gittlen

Editor at Large

Sandra Gittlen is editor at large for TechTarget's Networking and Security Media Group.Read More

SDN components transform the LAN

01 Sep 2017

Full software-defined networking is elusive in the local area network, but SDN components can help create a LAN that is more flexible and programmable. Users are beginning to explore what SDN elements like ... Read More

Edge computing shifts IT's gravity

By Cliff Saran 20 Jan 2020

In this guest blog post, Satyam Vaghani VP/GM, IoT & AI, Nutanix discusses the way IT will need to change to support edge computing. The rise of the edge will require a redistribution of the ... Read More

Enterprise data storage 2019 Products of the Year finalists

13 Jan 2020

The field of entrants in our 18th annual Products of the Year contest has been winnowed to 50 contenders vying for gold, silver and bronze glory in five data storage categories. Read More

Role of AI in cybersecurity and 6 possible product options

By Jessica Groopman 26 Nov 2019

Cyberthreats loom large in this modern IT environment. Explore the six most common roles of AI in cybersecurity and the products synthesizing them. Read More

If you can see it, the computer can see it too

By Robert Schmid 21 Jan 2020

Combining intelligence, install base, technological maturity, potential for integration and cybersecurity make camera networks an excellent foundation to build an IoT network. Read More