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11 new 5G hacks enable user device tracking and monitoring

By Alex Scroxton 13 Nov 2019

Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Iowa publish details of several new 5G mobile network vulnerabilities Read More

Security Think-Tank: Tackle insider threats to achieve data-centric security

By Mike Yeomans 16 Jan 2020

The belief that effective perimeter security is the best way to protect data is a fallacy that is being repeatedly exposed. We must recognise the need for a data-centric security model to protect data from both ... Read More

New Kubernetes security tools abound as container deployments grow

By Beth Pariseau 18 Dec 2019

As Kubernetes use expands in production, enterprises have a number of IT security tools to choose from for centralized, policy-based control over container clusters. Read More

Latest Cisco switch uses Meraki software, Catalyst hardware

By Antone Gonsalves 06 Nov 2019

The MS390 is the first Cisco switch built using Meraki software and Catalyst hardware. Read More

IT security best practices for DevOps, cloud and more

By Emily Mell 10 Dec 2019

Technology is in constant motion, making it difficult for enterprise IT shops to maintain steadfast security. Explore ways to protect DevOps, microservices and cloud environments. Read More

Compare Windows 10 OS editions to determine the best fit

By Gary Olsen 12 Nov 2019

Organizations deploying Windows 10 must choose between multiple Windows 10 OS editions. Delve into the different features that each edition offers to find the best fit. Read More

Growing data protection risks and how to manage them

02 Oct 2017

Companies today collect more data from more sources than ever before. Often the data is distributed across on-premises environments, cloud systems and third-party networks. The network perimeter behind which most ... Read More

Project Limitless' 5G PC and what desktop admins need to know

By Robert Sheldon 14 Nov 2019

Qualcomm and Lenovo have partnered to produce a 5G-enabeled PC that could be a game-changer for remote workers. IT must prepare for a 5G rollout and the issues it could bring. Read More

DNS threats emerge as IoT sticking point

By Alan R. Earls 13 Jan 2020

Organizations can get wrapped up in the excitement of IoT technology and forget that older tech, including DNS, might not be up to supporting and securing new and old technology. Read More

PowerTrick backdoor used to target high-value businesses

By Alex Scroxton 09 Jan 2020

Threat actors are exploiting a PowerShell-based backdoor called PowerTrick to go after high-value targets, warns SentinelLabs Read More