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Cloud-native deployment isn't for every application

By Chuck Moozakis 19 Aug 2019

In this roundup of networking blogs, analysts evaluate cloud-native deployments, the increasing value of Wi-Fi and the emergence of Citizens Broadband Radio Service. Read More

NAS security: How to combat network-attached storage device risks

By Kevin Beaver 23 Mar 2015

Network-attached storage devices can present a plethora of security issues to an enterprise. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how to detect and mitigate the risks. Read More

DHS warns of increased Iranian cyberattacks on enterprises

By Rob Wright 24 Jun 2019

The cyberthreat warning from Christopher Krebs, director of the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, follows escalating tension between Iran and the U.S. Read More

Don't neglect your IT architect skills in public cloud projects

By Alastair Cooke 09 Jul 2019

Public cloud infrastructure is beyond the veil for IT admins: unknown and untouchable. But depending on the deployment -- and the cloud -- admins still have architecture to manage. Read More

What to expect in Q4

By Simon Quicke 13 Sep 2019

AI, contact centres and security are among the areas where the channel might gain in this quarter, according to industry figures Read More

Microsoft: IoT adoption in businesses is critical for success

By Sabrina Polin 08 Aug 2019

Findings from a Microsoft report on the state of IoT in enterprises say businesses benefit from IoT implementation and that businesses need to increase IoT adoption now. Read More

How to build a strong cloud network security strategy

By Dave Shackleford 23 Apr 2019

Building a secure network in the cloud is different from securing a traditional network. Learn what the main differences are and how to establish cloud networking security. Read More

A review of SD-branch and its progression from SD-WAN

By Jennifer English 03 Apr 2019

The goal of software-defined branch is to merge network functions and management into a single platform, but the branch architecture still lacks maturity, despite some early deployments. Read More

Follow trends and research to increase networking innovations

By Michaela Goss 27 Jun 2019

Organizations can witness network transformations if they are aware of market trends, research and disruptive technologies. Many turn to third parties for this information. Read More

Latest iOS vulnerability puts mobile security in the spotlight

By John Powers 12 Sep 2019

In this Q&A, sort through all the confusion regarding Google Project Zero's report on a major iOS vulnerability and determine how it should change your security policies. Read More