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Take aim at network security

10 Jan 2019

The ever-expanding attack surface brought about by the proliferation of internet of things devices has created jitters in cyber security circles. Today, it has become more difficult to manage the nooks and crannies... Read More

How has software-defined networking security evolved?

By John Burke 22 Aug 2018

Software-defined networking security means more than just microsegmentation. Enterprises can also use SDN to assign security zones, improve monitoring and help with automation. Read More

Do DMZ networks still provide security benefits for enterprises?

By Judith Myerson 28 Dec 2016

DMZ networks were once widely used by enterprises, but are they still common today? Expert Judith Myerson explains why DMZs may be a good security option for some organizations. Read More

The (secure) modern office connection in a mobile world

By Christoph Ruef 05 Dec 2018

Keeping up with the latest connected technologies while maintaining enterprise security isn't an easy feat. HP Inc.'s Christoph Ruef offers advice on securing an expanding network of connected devices. Read More

Create and enforce a password policy across the enterprise

By Kevin Beaver 16 Nov 2018

There are new-fangled approaches to enterprise security, such as biometric authentication, but tried-and-true passwords are still critical to protecting an organization's network. Read More

Why physical network security is a necessity for enterprises

By Ernie Hayden 04 Apr 2016

A basic practice like physical network security is often ignored by organizations already bogged down by security, but it should still be a high priority. Read More

Is network port security a worthwhile enterprise security strategy?

By Kevin Beaver 09 Sep 2015

The benefits of network port security as it relates to network access control has come under the microscope. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the benefits of this approach as well as its drawbacks. Read More

Secure cloud network services drive enterprise cloud migrations

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 15 Jun 2016

Ensuring secure cloud network connections is paramount to easing business concerns about moving workloads to the cloud, and a growing number of cloud networking options can help. Read More

AI and machine learning in network security advance detection

By Nick Cavalancia 07 Jun 2018

Applying AI, and specifically machine learning, in network security helps protect enterprises against advanced persistent threats and sophisticated cybercriminals. Read More

An advanced and integrated approach to managed enterprise network security

25 Feb 2015

Many businesses are turning to managed security services as a means of addressing the difficulty associated with deploying and managing multiple-point security systems, according to this report from Frost & ... Read More