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Defending against the most common wireless network attacks

By Peter Loshin 26 Aug 2019

The most common wireless network attacks change over time, but not that much. Find out which tactics still work for attackers and how to defend against them. Read More

IIoT security's biggest challenges and roadblocks

By Juned Ghanchi 28 Jun 2019

IndianAppDevelopers' Juned Ghanchi outlines the top three IIoT cybersecurity challenges and how they are exacerbated in today's connected landscape. Read More

Find network security vulnerabilities by assessing risk

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 22 Aug 2018

IT staff needs to regularly review network security vulnerabilities and security gaps to battle rising cybersecurity breaches and keep costs under control through risk assessments. Read More

What is data center networking, and how can you get started?

By Michaela Goss 23 Aug 2019

This feature explores the basics of data center networks, such as how to plan for data center consolidation, the effects of cloud services and how to handle data center interconnects. Read More

Extreme launches autonomous network strategy at Extreme Connect

By Antone Gonsalves 15 May 2019

Extreme unveils its building blocks for an autonomous network, called Elements. The company also introduces at the Extreme Connect show an IoT security tool. Read More

Google bolsters hybrid cloud proposition for enterprises through VMware partnership

By Caroline Donnelly 30 Jul 2019

VMware-Google hybrid cloud partnership should pave the way for enterprises to run their vSphere-based workloads on the search giant's public cloud platform with greater ease Read More

Employees, MSPs and developers top third-party risks

By Warwick Ashford 27 Aug 2019

Employees, managed service providers and developers are the top sources of third-party risks in terms of data security, a survey reveals, highlighting the value of workplace monitoring Read More

How to bake security into your Wi-Fi deployment

By Lisa Phifer 07 Apr 2015

A Wi-Fi deployment is the preferred method for network access for most enterprises; it’s the InfoSec’s job to make that Wi-Fi secure. Read More

What are the steps I should take for network transformation?

By Andrew Froehlich 16 Aug 2019

The path to digital transformation has three points that all organizations should reach to ensure their network is ready for digital transformation. Read More

UK public sector needs to prioritise mobile device security

By Warwick Ashford 15 Jul 2019

Only 10% of public service stolen and lost mobile are recovered, underlining the need for mobile-centric, zero-trust model to reduce the risk, says MobileIron Read More