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McAfee’s push for secure cloud adoption

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 11 Oct 2019

Organisations must do more to secure their cloud environments as malicious actors increasingly focus their attention on exploiting cloud vulnerabilities, says McAfee Read More

Intelligent storage addresses enterprise data dilemmas

By Robert Sheldon 20 Dec 2019

Intelligent data storage use is steadily on the rise, as storage demands become more complex and vendors begin to incorporate AI technology into their offerings. Read More

5G connectivity won't be enterprise-ready in 2020

By Mike Gleason 10 Jan 2020

Despite hype and new device announcements, experts expect 5G will take time to catch on in the enterprise. The tech has potential, but not all the necessary factors are in place. Read More

Telcos take to commercial blockchain to seize new revenue streams

By Joe O’Halloran 07 Nov 2019

GlobalData report finds blockchain usage among telcos increasing, with use cases such as roaming fraud management, wholesale fees settlement, mobile money payments and IoT management Read More

How to monitor user-generated content in a video world

By Micah Levine 24 Jan 2020

User-generated enterprise video is gaining popularity but can cause headaches for IT if left unchecked. Learn how to manage and monitor user-generated content. Read More

5G opportunities for channel partners yet to take shape

By Esther Shein 22 Jan 2020

At the beginning of 2020, many aspects of 5G technology remain abstract, but channel partners can benefit by preparing their customers for future deployments. Read More

Get to know these AWS hybrid cloud storage and architecture services

By Kerry Doyle 21 Nov 2019

Use this breakdown to build a hybrid cloud strategy. Learn the ins and outs of AWS' hybrid cloud capabilities, from AWS Snowball devices to AWS Outposts and VMware Cloud on AWS. Read More

Consider these 6 SD-WAN challenges and the flip-side benefits

By John Fruehe 14 Jan 2020

Cost, complexity, security, training, troubleshooting and software bugs are some of the top SD-WAN challenges. Discover more about these issues and how to offset them. Read More

The ups and downs, ins and outs, of cloud application delivery

By Sean Michael Kerner, Nick Martin, Craig Mathias 20 Dec 2016

Cloud application delivery is a pressing concern in IT operations today.

Whether enterprise applications live in a private or public cloud, enterprise IT is still responsible for making sure employees can ... Read More

Create a manageable, secure IT/OT convergence strategy in 3 steps

By Johna Till Johnson 20 Sep 2019

An effective IT/OT strategy requires at least three things: an evangelist, an infrastructure reference architecture and a plan to sanely divide operations between IT and OT. Read More