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SBCs aren't a UC security silver bullet: Try monitoring, analytics

By Gina Narcisi 03 Jun 2014

UC security must be a part of the network security picture. Enterprises are turning to providers for help with securing VoIP and video traffic. Read More

When will enterprises be ready to use SDN?

By Jessica Scarpati 02 Nov 2015

After years of hype, high-profile mergers and proven use cases, enterprises hesitated to use SDN. Is it finally time for it to secure a spot in mainstream networks? Read More

RMIT to tackle cyber security challenges

By Aaron Tan 04 Dec 2019

Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to launch a Cloud Innovation Centre to solve cyber security challenges Read More

Achieve network perimeter security through deep segmentation

By John Burke 13 Aug 2019

Firewall effectiveness is in deep decline, but there's still a way to create an effective security perimeter through the practice of deep segmentation. Learn how. Read More

BlackBerry enters digital workspace market

By Mike Gleason 12 Feb 2020

BlackBerry's digital workspace offering is meant to strike a balance between connectivity, productivity and security, especially for IT admins who cater to a range of worker types. Read More

Differences among WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless security protocols

By Alissa Irei, Jessica Scarpati 30 Sep 2019

As wireless network technologies have evolved, so too have the wireless security protocols for securing them. Get a quick overview of the three WLAN security standards, and learn the differences among WEP, WPA and ... Read More

What Android security threats should IT know about?

By Robert Sheldon 07 Feb 2020

Mobile admins must understand the nature of the most recent Android security threats so they can protect users, but it's crucial to know where these verified threats are listed. Read More

SD-WAN vs. VPN: How do they compare?

By Robert Sturt 20 Sep 2019

When it comes to comparing SD-WAN vs. VPN services, enterprises choosing between the technologies should consider factors like cost, cloud usage and application awareness. Read More

Aryaka aims to disrupt traditional SD-WAN and legacy service provider models

By Joe O’Halloran 19 Nov 2019

SD-WAN provider Aryaka claims to have unyoked enterprises from what it calls carriers’ burdens and ‘rigid, limited’ offerings with new regional WAN models Read More

Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks on apps, CI/CD toolchains

By Will Kelly 25 Oct 2019

Man-in-the-middle attacks pose a serious threat to both CI/CD tools and the apps those tools support. Learn how these attacks typically occur -- and how to stop them -- to do DevOps securely. Read More