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Cisco brings CUCM into the Webex cloud

By Jonathan Dame 05 Sep 2019

Cisco has brought its flagship IP-based telephony platform, CUCM, into the Webex cloud, offering large businesses private instances of the software similar to what is already available from Cisco HCS partners. Read More

What is network traffic analytics and how does it enhance security?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 08 May 2019

Network traffic analysis has evolved to incorporate machine learning techniques that help identify network security threats in real time and expedite a response. Read More

Palo Alto Networks launches Prisma, a cloud security suite

By Tanner Harding 30 May 2019

Palo Alto Networks has launched its new cloud security suite called Prisma, comprised of four platforms -- Prisma Access, Prisma Public Cloud, Prisma SaaS and VM-Series. Read More

Shining a light on shadow cloud apps and services

By Rob Wright 25 Sep 2014

Security pros from Hewlett-Packard and SkyHigh Networks offer insight on how to identify shadow cloud apps and services within the enterprise. Read More

IT favors open source networking over Cisco ACI, VMware NSX

By Antone Gonsalves 19 Aug 2019

Companies are turning to open source network automation tools as less expensive, good-enough alternatives to Cisco ACI and VMware NSX. Read More

DevOps security best practices span code creation to compliance

By Stephen J. Bigelow 31 May 2019

Developers and operations staff who split security responsibilities as part of a DevOps workflow should apply these best practices to ensure no vulnerability goes unnoticed. Read More

APAC IoT adoption improves amid challenges

By Edwin Yapp 11 Jul 2019

More enterprises across the region are using the internet of things to track fleet vehicles and improve operations, but technology integration and security concerns are still holding back widespread adoption Read More

Preparing for a 5G deployment: 5 things CIOs need to do now

By Mary K. Pratt 14 Aug 2019

Experts discuss the five moves CIOs should be making right now to ensure they are prepared to take hold of 5G as it becomes more available to enterprises. Read More

What is hybrid cloud networking and how is it evolving?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 22 May 2019

With help from telecom providers and connectivity, hybrid cloud networking enables organizations to add network capacity by tapping into public cloud infrastructure. Read More

Beware of security blind spots in encrypted traffic

By Aaron Tan 04 Jun 2019

The growth of encrypted traffic has put the spotlight on intrusion prevention systems that help to surface cyber attacks conducted under the cloak of network encryption Read More