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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure seeks a spot in the IaaS market

By Alan R. Earls 27 Jun 2019

Don't count out Oracle IaaS before knowing what it has to offer. Learn where Oracle Cloud Infrastructure excels and what to expect from this public cloud offering. Read More

UK poor cyber security practice undermining controls

By Warwick Ashford 18 Jul 2019

UK firms investing in the latest cyber security products and services risk this being undermined by poor security practices, a survey reveals Read More

Shining a light on shadow cloud apps and services

By Rob Wright 25 Sep 2014

Security pros from Hewlett-Packard and SkyHigh Networks offer insight on how to identify shadow cloud apps and services within the enterprise. Read More

UC network management embraces automation, AI, SD-WAN

By Katherine Finnell 11 Jul 2019

Organizations looking to simplify UC network management can implement automation tools and technology like SD-WAN and AI to streamline management workflows. Read More

Sentryo acquisition to bolster Cisco IIoT security

By Antone Gonsalves 07 Jun 2019

Cisco plans to acquire industrial security firm Sentryo. The acquisition would add network visibility, anomaly detection and real-time threat detection to the Cisco IIoT portfolio. Read More

Alaska Airlines charts course for DevOps security

By Beth Pariseau 20 Jun 2019

As Alaska Airlines plots a flight path to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, it will navigate with an automated DevOps security tool that spans multiple IT environments. Read More

Mastering IoT compliance in a GDPR world

By Reggie Best 17 May 2019

A year after the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, Lumeta's Reggie Best takes a look at how it has prompted organizations to take IoT security more seriously. Read More

Social engineering a factor in virtually all cyber attacks, report claims

By Alex Scroxton 09 Sep 2019

Almost every single cyber attack will, at some stage, require a human to be tricked into doing something, according to research by Proofpoint Read More

Security concerns remain a drag on the internet of things

By Syed Ali 20 Jun 2019

Security concerns continue to hinder enterprise IoT adoption. Bain & Company's Syed Ali outlines four steps manufacturers should take to start addressing IoT security concerns. Read More

F-Secure warns of F5 Big IP-related security issue

By Warwick Ashford 09 Aug 2019

F-Secure has discovered security issues relating to an F5 device that it says could potentially turn hundreds of thousands of load balancers into beachheads for cyber attacks Read More