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Google Cloud introduces holistic cloud network monitoring

By Joe O’Halloran 15 Nov 2019

Spotting a gap in holistic network management in today’s multicloud business environments, Google Cloud introduces its Network Intelligence Centre Read More

Transforming operations for successful cloud adoption

By John DiCarlo 10 Dec 2019

Still considering making the move to the cloud? Here are best practices and cloud-centric processes CIOs should follow to enable a successful cloud implementation. Read More

When should I use breach and attack simulation tools?

By Andrew Froehlich 26 Sep 2019

Thanks to automation and other features, breach and attack simulation tools are an effective way to help network administrators keep their operations secure. Read More

Amazon SNS vs. other push notification services

By George Lawton 05 Nov 2019

It can be difficult for developers to enable push notifications across platforms. These messaging services from AWS, Google and Microsoft meet that need but have different strengths. Read More

How to compare Cisco vs. HPE Aruba switches

By Kevin Tolly 25 Oct 2019

Organizations have much to consider when evaluating Cisco vs. HPE Aruba switches, such as device architecture, Opex, Capex and analytics capabilities. Read More

Benefits of using Azure Security Center for security assessments

By Sharon Shea 13 Nov 2019

Author Yuri Diogenes discusses how Azure Security Center helps admins achieve full cloud visibility, conduct security assessments and prevent potential breaches. Read More

F-Secure’s Blackfin challenges perceptions of how AIs think

By Alex Scroxton 21 Nov 2019

New research project aims to develop adaptive, autonomous and collaborative AI agents, and challenges the notion that machine intelligence should merely mimic human intelligence Read More

Nokia notches 63 commercial 5G tech equipment deals

By Joe O’Halloran 09 Jan 2020

Finnish comms giant reveals huge strides in 5G essential technology deployment around the world Read More

AWS finds growth in Australia amid maturing cloud market

By Aaron Tan 09 Jan 2020

Edge computing, the internet of things and contact centre services are some of the key growth areas for Amazon Web Services in Australia Read More

Shining a light on shadow cloud apps and services

By Rob Wright 25 Sep 2014

Security pros from Hewlett-Packard and SkyHigh Networks offer insight on how to identify shadow cloud apps and services within the enterprise. Read More