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Government delays final decision on Huawei

By Alex Scroxton 23 Jul 2019

Culture secretary says he cannot yet make specific decisions about Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s telecoms and mobile networks due to a lack of clarity from the US, effectively green-lighting its use Read More

How to mitigate the IoT attacks that are increasing at 217.5%

By Kevin Austin 29 May 2019

Every year the IoT attacks ratio is escalating. Learn how these cyberattacks on IoT devices will continue to grow in numbers, as well as how to prevent them. Read More

Cyber attackers exploiting poor cloud security

By Warwick Ashford 22 Aug 2019

More than a third of organisations report a cyber attack on the cloud environment due to a lack of basic cloud security hygiene Read More

LogicHub introduces automation updates to its SOAR platform

By Sabrina Polin 06 Aug 2019

Security vendor LogicHub introduced new features to its SOAR platform that intend to automate tedious threat detection and response processes and save security teams time. Read More

Investis Digital Connect.ID, a CMS suite, launched

By Tanner Harding 22 Jul 2019

Connect.ID is composed of Connect.ID Platform and Connect.ID Intelligence. It is designed to enable enterprises to build business websites more efficiently. Read More

How mobile threat defense tools can help mobile admins

By Kevin Beaver 10 Jun 2019

Mobile threat defense tools can significantly improve an organization's mobile security. Learn how these tools are different, what they can do and the market's leading vendors. Read More

6 questions to ask before evaluating secure web gateways

By Kevin Beaver 27 Mar 2019

Learn which six questions can help an organization identify its web security and business needs and its readiness to implement a secure web gateway. Read More

The managed security provider comes knocking

03 Apr 2017

A constantly evolving threat landscape and a deepening skills crisis has more enterprises looking to a managed security service provider for help handling some of their security requirements. The trend is expected ... Read More

Next-generation firewall comparison based on company needs

By Mike O. Villegas 13 May 2019

Compare leading next-generation firewalls to help find the option that best fits your IT environment and security needs. Read More

What is edge AI good for?

By Tim Sherwood 16 Sep 2019

Organization can use edge AI for many different functions, but the core factor is if it needs an IoT application to analyze data at rapid intervals for immediate decision making, then it needs edge AI. Read More