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Focus: Network security

25 Apr 2017

During the course of 2016 we saw the clamour around network security – which was already very loud – reach fever pitch. From allegations of nation state-level interference in crucial elections, to massive botnet ... Read More

SecureLogix CTO: The UC network security issues enterprises face

By Katherine Finnell 31 Mar 2014

SecureLogix CTO Mark Collier discusses at Enterprise Connect the UC network security issues enterprises are facing. Read More

How to ensure legacy serial port security on enterprise networks

By Brad Casey 15 Oct 2013

In the wake of H.D. Moore's discovery of rampant serial port security problems, learn how to secure legacy, Internet-connected serial port servers. Read More

Cloud network services adjust to enterprise demands

By Trevor Jones 19 Oct 2017

Cloud networking continues to adapt as enterprise demands push consistency and security to the forefront. But now, hybrid and multicloud add another layer of complexity. Read More

How can enterprises secure encrypted traffic from cloud applications?

By Matthew Pascucci 06 Sep 2017

As enterprises use more cloud applications, they generate more encrypted traffic. Expert Matthew Pascucci discusses the challenges that presents for network security teams. Read More

DevOps in networking begins to gain ground

01 Jun 2018

Software development has benefited from a DevOps framework, which brings together software engineers and operating teams to collaborate in a continuous integration/continuous delivery model that helps automate and ... Read More

SonicWALL SSL VPN provides security for organizations of any size

By Karen Scarfone 15 Mar 2017

The SonicWALL SSL VPN protects remote client devices by creating a secure connection to enterprise networks, with many options for customized security features. Read More

Enterprises learn to lock down SD-WAN security

By Steve Zurier 01 Jun 2017

SD-WANs are an option for enterprises that want to reduce network expenses, but watch out for internet vulnerabilities. Network pros are choosing a multistep approach to SD-WAN security. Read More

Software-defined networking: Anticipating SDN security for enterprises

By Michael Cobb 06 Sep 2012

Software-defined networking is set to transform networking technology, but what about security? Expert Michael Cobb provides an SDN security primer. Read More

NAC security guide: How to achieve secure network access in the enterprise

16 Mar 2012

This multi-part network access control (NAC) security guide covers a variety of NAC-related topics, offering tips and expert advice on how to thoroughly secure network access to the enterprise. Read More