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5G and SD-WAN could provide reliable, alternate connectivity

By Tom Nolle 18 Jun 2019

5G and SD-WAN could develop into an alternative connectivity option that offers high speeds and low latency to geographic areas and remote workers with limited connectivity options. Read More

Telecom trends 2019: Time for operator 5G and IoT decisions

By Tom Nolle 02 Jan 2019

Telecom trends in 2019 dictate that network operators have tough choices to make to compete with OTT players, increase revenue in terms of 5G and IoT, and consider the software-based fast-fail model. Read More

Australia's broadband network is a cautionary tale for UK broadband policy

04 Dec 2019

The UK Labour Party has led calls for a nationalised broadband network, but the lessons of Australia's attempts to introduce a similar policy provide cause for caution Read More

Australia lags behind rest of world with FTTN-based broadband

11 Aug 2008

Australia is being left behind in the broadband race, with the country still debating a fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network while the rest of the world is already planning for fibre-to-the-home (FTTH). Read More

Are the promised benefits of 5G wireless technology justified?

By Tom Nolle 05 Dec 2017

The evolution of 5G wireless technology is expected to bring benefits ranging from high broadband speeds to shared wired and wireless infrastructure uses, but cost and business use cases must align. Read More

5G wireless technology influences telecommunication's future

By Tom Nolle 22 Jan 2018

The capabilities of 5G wireless technology and event-driven networking hold the promise for telecommunication's future, but solving the remaining challenges will determine the outcome. Read More

Australia’s new government under pressure to hit broadband targets

14 Jul 2016

Newly elected conservative coalition government will see Australia’s National Broadband Network plan become a higher priority Read More

Four telecom infrastructure trends driving network of the future

By Tom Nolle 01 Jan 2018

Four telecom infrastructure trends -- SDN, NFV, IoT and 5G -- are driving the network of the future, but telecom networks are more likely to transform in 2020, not 2018. Read More

Australian police raid opposition offices over leaked broadband documents

26 May 2016

Australia’s federal police have raided the offices of a Labor opposition politician in an investigation into leaked National Broadband Network documents Read More

Australia’s National Broadband Network project up in the air

29 Jun 2016

As Australian voters go to the polls this weekend, the future of the country's National Broadband Network is up in the air Read More