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Financial Reporting and Analysis: Derive Meaning from Financial Data to Improve Corporate Performance

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 20 Mar 2013 eGuide

In this expert eGuide, discover how financial applications are rising to meet the needs of both consumer data and ever-complexifying compliance regulations. Also learn how mobility and cloud computing are driving ...

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Using Financial Reporting Software to Improve Operations and Boost Profitability

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 07 Jun 2012 eGuide

This expert e-guide has been provided to offer suggestions on how you can automate your financial reporting processes to become more efficient, saving time and money, and increase compliance with SEC standards and ...

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Resolving key integration challenges for financial applications

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 22 Oct 2012 eGuide

Read this expert e-guide to learn how to improve reference data management to avoid headaches in the financial sector and discover best practices for devising and carrying out a financial management software ...

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Financial process automation leads to better performance

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 05 Apr 2013 eGuide

Financial reporting can be time-consuming and expensive if done manually. In this expert guide, learn how automating financial reporting can offer your organization key benefits and discover recommendations on how ...

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The Right Strategy for CFOs to Navigate Financial Application Purchases

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 31 Dec 2012 eBook

This expert e-book outlines a complete strategy to help CFOs navigate financial application purchases, from putting the right people in place to combing the market and finding the best price.

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Real-Time Data and Analytics Transforming Finance

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 22 Oct 2012 eGuide

Did you know that in-memory technology is set to dramatically accelerate the rate at which reporting and analysis activities can be performed? As this expert e-guide explains, this ability will have a huge impact ...

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5 Critical Aspects of BI Reporting for Modern Organizations

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 21 Apr 2017 White Paper

Why does analytic reporting fall short of expectations? There are many complications that can cause it: From the report types to the BI tool itself. Today, modern analytics technology to make it easy for all users ...

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Tell Your Data Story Clearly With Automated Reporting

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 18 Nov 2016 White Paper

Find out how automated analytical reporting can help you can craft contextual narratives that dynamically change when your data does. Learn to automate weekly reports, create text that dynamically changes based on ...

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Financial Services Report: Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 30 Nov 2012 IT Briefing

This report from Fujtsu assesses the IT trends and prioirties in the financial services industry.

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Technology Comparison: In-Memory Analytics Vs. Disk-Based OLAP Analytics

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 15 Mar 2016 White Paper

BI and IT leaders face many dilemmas when deciding on an analytics technology. In this white paper, examine in-memory analytics technology, and a multidimensional, disk-based OLAP analytic technology. Learn what ...

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