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HIPAA compliance checklist: The key to staying compliant in 2020

By Reda Chouffani, Richard Mackey 14 Jan 2020

Putting together a HIPAA compliance program can be fraught with difficulty. Review best practices and a HIPAA compliance checklist to avoid common pitfalls and pass an audit. Read More

Datadog Log Management is now HIPAA-compliant

By Sabrina Polin 31 May 2019

Datadog has achieved HIPAA compliance for its SaaS platform Log Management, so it can now better reach more customers in healthcare industries. Read More

Lower HIPAA violation fines shouldn't translate into lax security

By Makenzie Holland 13 May 2019

Healthcare organizations will pay less for HIPAA violation fines annually under Health and Human Services' new fines structure, but security should still be top of mind for CIOs. Read More

Microsoft Teams has HIPAA collaboration compliance benefits, risks

By Reda Chouffani 30 May 2019

Microsoft Teams can be a boon for communication and collaboration in healthcare settings, but collaboration compliance with HIPAA regulations must be top of mind. Read More

Amazon introduces Alexa in healthcare with HIPAA-compliant skills

By Sabrina Polin 05 Apr 2019

Amazon launching HIPAA-compliant skills for Alexa in healthcare expands the realm of service that hospitals and other healthcare organizations can provide their customers at home. Read More

5 HIPAA requirements healthcare cloud providers should meet

By Reda Chouffani 05 Mar 2019

Cloud service providers that have healthcare clients must be aware of and comply with HIPAA to ensure the privacy and security of health data. Read More

2 takeaways from Pagosa Springs Medical Center HIPAA settlement

By Makenzie Holland 14 Dec 2018

A Colorado hospital has agreed to pay the OCR $111,400 after a former employee allegedly continued to have access to a web-based scheduling calendar and patient protected health information. Read More

Cloud for healthcare presses on but is slowed by HIPAA anxiety

By Scott Wallask 06 Sep 2018

Facing mounting pressure to take steps toward the healthcare cloud, hospital systems find themselves balancing modern infrastructure trends with HIPAA safeguards. Read More

HHS seeks input to modify HIPAA rules, expert says proceed carefully

By Makenzie Holland 24 Dec 2018

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is seeking the public's input on how Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules should be modified to promote better patient ... Read More

HIPAA compliance not guaranteed with ePHI security

By Scott Wallask 08 Mar 2018

Medical facilities sometimes believe security is equivalent to compliance with HIPAA -- but not so fast. Organizations must consider other aspects when guarding patient data. Read More