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Virtual Data Center: Health Care IT Edition, Sept. 2011

sponsored by SearchDataCenter.com Published: 09 Sep 2011 Ezine

Cloud computing holds a lot of promise for the healthcare industry, since infrastructure costs can hinder the adoption of EHR systems. However, many providers shy away from cloud services because of security ...

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Bring Video Communications to Healthcare

sponsored by Zoom Video Communications Published: 04 Feb 2019 Case Study

In this white paper, learn about a video conferencing system that can be used for telehealth, and how it can help increase quality of care and build patient engagement while achieving HIPAA (signed BAA) and PIPDEA/...

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ACT.md Sees 2x Dev Savings With Auth0

sponsored by Auth0 Published: 30 Apr 2019 Resource

To serve patients well, providers need fast and secure access for a wide variety of health and government institutions, each with different ways of verifying identity. In this case study, learn how ACT.md was able ...

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A Startup Built to Revolutionize Injury Recovery

sponsored by Armor Published: 03 May 2019 Case Study

As SaRA Health plotted its growth leveraging the public cloud, its leadership realized that layering cybersecurity on top of their cloud service was the best bet for ensuring their security needs were met. In this ...

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Automate Compliance Audits Without the Staff

sponsored by Data Theorem Published: 01 Feb 2019 Webcast

Data security and privacy are top of mind issues for security leaders and corporate boards. However, Agile and DevOps development models are moving too quickly for manual security assurance and compliance ...

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Wildflower Health Case Study

sponsored by Data Theorem Published: 09 Apr 2019 Case Study

Wildflower helps families manage their health needs on one shared mobile application. However, the development team was facing both regulatory compliance and customer demand issues, as their apps process sensitive ...

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Empowering Big Data in a Data-driven Economy

sponsored by comForte AG Published: 15 Jan 2019 White Paper

Fewer things have been more transformational in IT than the rise of Big Data. It has given organizations the ability to use, monetize, and learn from data. However, bad actors also know the value of data so the ...

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How to Protect Against the Top 5 Cyberattacks

sponsored by Arctic Wolf Published: 28 Jun 2018 White Paper

Find out why many existing security practices struggle to keep up with 5 of the leading cyberthreats, and learn about the important roles played by a security operations center and customized threat detection in ...

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Gain Security Visibility and Strengthen HIPAA Compliance with the AWN CyberSOC Service

sponsored by Arctic Wolf Published: 09 Oct 2018 Case Study

Download this case study to learn why Bethesda Health Group chose to implement Arctic Wolf's AWN CyberSOC to protect their network, while helping them reach their HIPAA compliance goals and prevent cyberattacks.

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Make Trusted Data Privacy Compliance Reporting Easy With ALTR Monitor

sponsored by ALTR Published: 11 Jun 2019 Product Overview

Data privacy has transformed from industry-specific regulations into broader compliance concerns which require transparency into the access and use of sensitive data. However, traditional database logs and ...

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