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New Ways of Interacting with Health Care Members

sponsored by HealthEdge Published: 02 Nov 2017 White Paper

Health plans have a pressing opportunity to engage with their members in meaningful ways. A healthcare consumer survey was conducted to learn how organizations can supply information and services to members in a ...

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Health Systems Quicken Clinical Data Processing

sponsored by SearchHealthIT.com Published: 10 Jun 2016 eBook

In this exclusive handbook, hear from contributors like Brian Posey and Nicole Lewis as they break down the vast amount of benefits solid state storage can bring into the health care enterprise.

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St. Luke's Health Care System: The Benefits of All-flash Storage for VDI

sponsored by Pure Storage Published: 13 Jun 2016 Case Study

While all-flash array storage brings big benefits, is it really worth the cost? A case study focused upon an all-flash for VDI system implemented in St. Luke's Health Care System showed a 234% ROI and $1.26M NPV. ...

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HealthEdge Advice to Peers: Real-World Examples

sponsored by HealthEdge Published: 02 Nov 2017 Video

Health plan leaders who implemented HealthEdge -- a core administration and care coordination system for transformative health plans – spoke about their experiences.

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Care Redesign: A Blueprint for Change How to Lower Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes

sponsored by HealthEdge Published: 02 Nov 2017 Video

Learn how payers can best integrate with providers to better care for members, as well as 10 critical trends from Healthcare Executive Group.

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Developing Innovative Collaboration for Effective Care Coordination

sponsored by HealthEdge Published: 10 Nov 2017 White Paper

Health plans must partner with providers and community organizations and forge relationships based on alignment of goals and data sharing for truly effective care coordination. Inside, uncover what you need to ...

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Taking Employee Health More Seriously

sponsored by HealthEdge Published: 06 Nov 2017 White Paper

Polling company – Gallup – routinely asked American workers to dig deeper into the roots of workplace satisfaction, and the survey results regarding employee health weren't healthy. Learn more about the results and...

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Value-Based Patient Care Gets Analytics Booster

sponsored by SearchHealthIT.com Published: 06 Nov 2017 Ezine

As healthcare transitions from fee-for-service to improved patient outcomes, value-based care turns to data analytics and health management software. Inside this issue of Pulse, our experts dive into the role data ...

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Care Providers Ascend to Cloud for Medical Imaging Needs

sponsored by SearchHealthIT.com Published: 06 Apr 2016 eBook

For healthcare providers considering shifting the storage of their patients' images into cloud environments, there are a lot of options. This handbook explores why providers are turning to the cloud and how that ...

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Augmented Intelligence – The Next Frontier in Health Imaging

sponsored by AGFA Healthcare Published: 13 Feb 2018 Resource

Learn how augmented intelligence impacts medical imaging, to help diagnosticians with greater anatomical and clinical details.

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