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Information security certification guide: Specialized certifications

By Ed Tittel 06 Feb 2018

This information security certification guide looks at vendor-neutral certifications in specialized areas such as risk management, security auditing and secure programming. Read More

Greg Temm

Greg Temm is chief information risk officer for the Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC). Temm is responsible for the overall global intelligence and risk management program of FS-ISAC and serves as a trusted security advisor in sales, marketing and member engagement for the company around the globe.Read More

What does a CISO do now? It's a changing, increasingly vital role

04 Oct 2017

What does a CISO do in this day and age? The responsibilities of a chief information security officer, the senior executive responsible for an organization's information security program, are growing dramatically. ... Read More

Fitting cybersecurity frameworks into your security strategy

By Joseph Granneman 01 Aug 2019

Whatever an organization's culture, effective use of a security framework requires understanding business goals and program metrics, and demands leadership communication. Read More

Wayne Dorris

Axis Communications

Wayne Dorris is a business development manager for Axis Communications covering North America.Read More

What is the best way to write a cloud security policy?

By Nick Lewis 26 Jun 2019

Enterprises new to the cloud can write new security policies from scratch, but others with broad cloud usage may need an update. Consider these policy writing best practices. Read More

The must-have skills for cybersecurity aren't what you think

By Kevin Beaver 01 Aug 2019

The most critical skills that cybersecurity lacks -- like leadership buy-in, people skills and the ability to communicate -- are not the ones you hear about. That needs to change. Read More

Intraprise Health platform strengthens healthcare security

By Sabrina Polin 13 Aug 2019

Intraprise Health introduced new software designed to prevent healthcare security breaches by monitoring third-party risks across the enterprise and improving security management processes. Read More

How to get management interested in an information security program

By Shon Harris 05 Jan 2007

When it comes to firing up an information security program, are your execs sitting on their hands? In this expert Q&A, security management pro Shon Harris reveals how to speak the language of senior management. Read More

Josh Sokol

National Instruments

Josh Sokol, CISSP, is the information security program owner at National Instruments, where he manages all compliance, security architecture, risk management and vulnerability management activities.Read More