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Webmail Forensics: Investigating Issues with Email Forwarding Security

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 07 Oct 2013 eGuide

In this expert e-guide, application security expert Mike Cobb discusses webmail forensics possibilities for dealing with the aftermath of an issue involving email forwarding. Discover how to avoid these issues with...

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The Need for Rapid Security Investigation

sponsored by Splunk Published: 08 Aug 2017 White Paper

Often when an issue or unsuspected attack occurs, IT teams find out too late. Explore an analytics-driven approach to security that enables organizations to respond to incidents as soon as possible.

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Information Security Magazine - May 2012

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 01 May 2012 Ezine

Access this month’s issue to uncover strategies for taming the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) tide. In addition, explore other featured topics including VMware’s security partner program revamp, four keys to data ...

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Security Investigations: The Importance of Detection and Rapid Response

sponsored by Splunk Published: 11 Sep 2017 White Paper

Gain a holistic view of what defines a security investigation, as well as a security program that provides an analytics-driven approach to security. Discover how through analytics you'll be able to detect threats, ...

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Data Breach: Security Investigation, Detection and Rapid Response

sponsored by Splunk Published: 01 May 2017 White Paper

Discover the specific items to investigate when there is a security incident alert, what your analysts need to determine during a breach to mitigate further damage, the 6 most common steps in determining the impact...

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Security Information Management Systems and Application Monitoring

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 24 Apr 2013 eGuide

Did you know your security information management (SIM) system can shed light on application performance issues? This E-Guide details a four-step process for integrating apps into your SIM. View now to learn more!

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Tips on Managing the Deluge of Information Security Threat Reports

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 02 Dec 2013 eGuide

Don't get overwhelmed by today's cyber-attacks: Access this expert e-guide to take advantage of threat report data and use it as actionable intelligence. Read on to discover the real impact of insider security ...

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Information Security: Companies Aren't the Only Ones Migrating to Cloud

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 03 Apr 2018 Ezine

Hackers are embracing all advantages of the cloud, launching lucrative attacks like malicious cryptomining, DDoS, and ransomware. In this issue of Information Security magazine, editor Kathleen Richards looks at ...

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As Ransomware Surges, Law Firm Puts Security to the Test

sponsored by Mimecast Published: 22 Mar 2018 Case Study

Damaging ransomware infections can consume valuable time with IT staff having to wipe and restore affected systems. Explore this case study to gain insight into how Maurice Blackburn Lawyers overcame the issue of ...

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Information Security Essential Guide: Strategies for Tackling BYOD

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 31 May 2013 White Paper

Let this e-book from our independent experts be your guide to all things related to mobile security in the face of the BYOD trend. Inside, you'll get helpful insight that will help you understand the ins and outs ...

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