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Virtual Workstation 101: The Whats, Whys And Hows Of A New Computing Model For Professional Visual Applications

sponsored by NVIDIA Published: 31 Mar 2017 White Paper

The virtual workstation is gaining good reputation for professionals that work with high-performance graphical computing. Access this white paper to learn about virtual workstations and how they'll be utilized over...

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Creating and Managing Virtual Hard Disks

sponsored by SearchServerVirtualization Published: 16 Apr 2007 Webcast

This on-demand demonstration of products, techniques and processes, features independent virtualization expert Anil Desai presenting a synchronized fluid screen capture of his desktop as he introduces IT pros to ...

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Introduction to AWS Security

sponsored by Amazon Web Services Published: 31 Jul 2015 White Paper

This document is intended to provide an introduction to AWS's approach to security, including the controls in the AWS environment and some of the products and features that AWS makes available to customers to meet ...

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Introduction to AWS Security Processes

sponsored by Amazon Web Services Published: 30 Jun 2016 White Paper

This white paper offers an explanation of how AWS can help protect your data to the nth degree.

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Introduction to Azure Infrastructure Services

sponsored by Microsoft Published: 31 Mar 2018 Resource

Tune in to get introduced to Azure IaaS. Whether you're well-acquainted with Azure or have never met, you'll get a glimpse at a collection of scenarios within an enterprise where an IaaS platform can shine, such as...

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Dell EMC Unity: Introduction to the Platform

sponsored by Data#3 Published: 28 Dec 2017 White Paper

This paper serves as an introduction to the Dell EMC Unity family, including a review of its hardware and software features as well as its integration with the other members of the Dell EMC portfolio.

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How, Where, and Why Are Containers Leveraged in the Software Development Life Cycle?

sponsored by Red Hat Published: 30 Jun 2016 Research Content

With Linux containers, IT professionals are able to reduce friction and shorten timelines in the application development life cycle. Access this research study on how, where, and why containers are leveraged in the...

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Trust and Transparency: The Role of Infrastructure Analytics in a Productive Partnership Between IT and the Business

sponsored by Virtual Instruments Published: 31 May 2017 White Paper

In this IDC white paper, learn how infrastructure performance management (IPM) tools can help provide transparency into storage capacity and performance. Then read on to learn about one vendors IPM offering which ...

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Product Introduction: CCH Tagetik Revenue Accounting Solution

sponsored by Tagetik Software Published: 25 Oct 2017 Product Overview

It can be tough weeding through the thicket of accounting programs and revenue tools available. How can you find one that is fast, flexible, and right for you? Allow this introduction to the CCH Tagetik Revenue ...

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The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Sprawl

sponsored by SearchServerVirtualization Published: 04 Mar 2016 eBook

In this 3-part guide, learn about the ongoing battle against virtual machine sprawl and measures that can be taken when you've found an abandoned VM in your system. Access now to also learn about available ...

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