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Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 17 Feb 2012 eGuide

This e-guide from SearchConsumerization.com explores best practices for mobile device management in the enterprise and why your strategy must evolve as the phone technology does.

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Time and Attendance Software Best Practices

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 19 Aug 2013 eGuide

In this informative e-guide, discover insights on time and attendance software best practices.

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Security Automation Best Practices

sponsored by Rapid7 Published: 05 Apr 2019 White Paper

While processes make it possible to get a job done faster, creating ones that solve practical problems and result in measurable efficiency gains can be a time-consuming task. This is where security automation comes...

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Best Practices in Outage Communication

sponsored by PagerDuty Published: 10 May 2019 White Paper

Communication plays a critical role in incident response scenarios. In this guide, you'll find best practices for communicating with incident response stakeholders, customer, external parties, and more.

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Patch Management Best Practices

sponsored by ConnectWise Published: 22 Feb 2019 White Paper

Even with rigorous testing, software is bound to have a few bugs after deployment. In this whitepaper, find best practices from Microsoft on establishing patch management processes and resources to use when ...

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Best Practices for Preventing Malware

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 21 Nov 2011 eGuide

Preventing malware has been a constant issue for both consumers and businesses since the beginning. Malware can often present itself in all areas of an industry, including both new and old methods. Check out this ...

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Best Practices for Implementing PaaS

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 01 Aug 2012 eGuide

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has the potential to ease common application development challenges and streamline the app dev process -- but most companies are unsure of how to leverage it effectively. Access this ...

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Log management best practices

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 29 Nov 2011 eGuide

Investing in the correct log management tool can ensure that the pressures of maintaining enterprise system log data are greatly decreased. Although the right tool is very helpful, the possibility of it turning ...

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Service Visibility Best Practices

sponsored by ServiceNow Published: 20 Aug 2018 White Paper

In this white paper, learn best practices for building a configuration management database (CMDB) strategy that better aligns with business goals – and why the first step is gaining service visibility. Reading ...

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Best Practices for Mobile Data Protection

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 01 Jun 2011 eGuide

This expert e-guide presents five essential best practices for securing employee-liable mobile devices and tablets that will allow you to safely embrace the trend toward using personal devices for business.

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