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MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection: Advanced Threat Prevention

sponsored by Tech Data - MalwareBytes Published: 24 Apr 2018 Resource

Effective prevention requires a layered approach capable of addressing not only today's threats, but preventing tomorrow's as well. Access this resource to learn about MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection, a security ...

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The New World of Endpoint Security: Traditional Signature-Based Malware and Virus Protection Can't Keep Up

sponsored by Carousel Industries Published: 25 Jan 2018 White Paper

As cyberattacks develop in complexity, traditional anti-virus and malware protection is no longer the most effective security approach. Explore this white paper to gain insight into an advanced endpoint security ...

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Multi-Vector Protection: Defense-in-Depth With Layered Techniques for Corporate Endpoints

sponsored by Tech Data - MalwareBytes Published: 23 Apr 2018 Resource

Corporate endpoints are under constant attack. According to the Verizon 2017 DBIR 51% of corporate breaches included malware. Access this resource to find out why securing your organization's endpoints requires ...

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Protecting Your Network from Malware

sponsored by Akamai Technologies Published: 30 Apr 2018 White Paper

67% of workers use their own devices at work, according to IDC, and it only takes one compromised device to unleash malware that cripples the network or facilitates data exfiltration. Secure your network from ...

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Enterprise Endpoint Protection Buyer's Guide

sponsored by Tech Data - MalwareBytes Published: 20 Apr 2018 White Paper

Cybercriminals have moved to a multi-vector attack approach, making it difficult to defend against attacks on the endpoint system. This guide offers core requirements to help navigate enterprise endpoint protection...

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How to Remove the Complexity when Protecting Your Virtual Infrastructure

sponsored by IBM Published: 26 Apr 2018 White Paper

This technical white paper explores a product that promises to bring all of your data protection capabilities together in one modern, easy-to-use platform. Click inside to learn about the technical specifications, ...

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Ransomware Protection: A Best Practices Approach to Securing Your Enterprise

sponsored by Tech Data - MalwareBytes Published: 20 Apr 2018 White Paper

The primary goal of all ransomware is to gain access and to encrypt the endpoint. Explore this resource to uncover a best practices approach to securing your enterprise against malware.

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Protect Against Zero Day Threats and Malware

sponsored by Citrix Published: 12 Feb 2018 Video

Watch this brief video to learn how this browser-as-a-service can help you defend against malware that gets in through unsecured web browsing.

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Zero-Day Malware Protection for the Enterprise Network

sponsored by Radware Published: 28 Feb 2018 Resource

Nearly 50% of malware targeting enterprises are zero-day exploits that are not recognized by existing signature-based defenses. Tap this resource to learn how to defend against zero-day malware by integrating ...

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Anti-Virus Comparative

sponsored by Symantec Published: 31 Oct 2016 White Paper

Malicious software poses an ever-increasing threat, not only because the number of malware programs are increasing, but also due to the continuously changing threat-landscape. Uncover results from the Malware ...

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