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Secure Data Management in the Cloud

sponsored by Iron Mountain Published: 09 Mar 2018 eBook

In "Secure Data Management in the Cloud for Dummies", get all the information you need to set up your cloud-based disaster recovery program.

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Manage multiple clouds for security and strong data backup

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 04 Jun 2018 Resource

There's been little in the way of content to assist enterprises with their multicloud backup strategies. Our team seeking to resolve that with the handbook we've compiled for you: How to Manage Multiple Clouds for ...

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Cloud Endpoint Security: Considerations for Cloud Security Services

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 17 May 2013 eGuide

This e-guide from our experts at SearchSecurity.com will share some important information you should know about cloud-enabled security offerings, including the benefits of a cloud-based console and the factors you ...

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Cloud Security as a Service For Secure Cloud-Based Server Hosting

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 20 Apr 2011 eGuide

Access this expert e-guide where industry specialist Joseph Granneman highlights the need for cloud-specific security tools, such as encryption and identity management, and how they can be offered as a service to ...

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How Cloud Content Management Centralizes and Secures Content Across Your Applications

sponsored by Box Published: 08 Mar 2019 eBook

Organizations that take advantage of cloud services grow 19.6% faster, according to the Cloud Adoption & Risk Report. In this e-book, discover why today's most innovative companies are turning to open, ...

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Managing Hybrid Cloud Computing Risks

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 22 Mar 2011 Essential Guide

Access this resource to explore two key security questions to ask when it comes to your hybrid cloud computing project, and whether or not you have the right management tools to ensure a secure environment.

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Security Risks in the Cloud

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 25 Jan 2013 eGuide

This expert guide offers advice for securing data in the public cloud. Hear how your peers are handling cloud security and data privacy issues and gain answers into the top cloud security questions.

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Maintaining security in managed services

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 05 Dec 2011 eGuide

Security management has and will always be a key part of any organization. Whether it’s finding a way to secure data in the cloud or simply within the walls of your own organization, finding and implementing a ...

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Managed Security Service Providers for Dummies

sponsored by Rackspace Published: 15 Mar 2019 White Paper

One of the largest inhibitors to cloud adoption is concern around the security of leveraging a service provider in a multi-cloud world. In Managed Security Service Providers for Dummies, learn how to leverage a ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Managed Cloud

sponsored by Freudenberg IT Published: 11 Feb 2019 eBook

IT teams are turning to the cloud to give their enterprises a competitive edge. In fact, the IDC expects the cloud to account for 60-70% of all technology spending by 2020. In this e-book, discover how to develop a...

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