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New cloud storage services for Microsoft Azure at Ignite 2018

By Christophe Bardy 01 Oct 2018

Microsoft launches Data Box hardware appliances for cloud ingestion, Avere vFXT cloud NAS, Ultra SSD storage based on NVMe flash and Azure Premium file storage Read More

Using PowerShell for Azure service principal authentication

By Adam Bertram 24 Jun 2019

With help from the Azure PowerShell module, you can avoid login prompts and automate the authentication process when using service principals on Microsoft's cloud platform. Read More

Cloud service delivery model shifts from the big 3 to tier 2

By George Crump 04 Apr 2019

AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud aren't the only cloud service delivery options. There are plenty of alternatives to consider when moving compute or storage to the cloud. Read More

Test your knowledge with this Microsoft Azure cloud quiz

By Kathleen Casey 02 Oct 2018

Fancy yourself a Microsoft Azure cloud expert? Put your knowledge to the test with this brief quiz on Azure services, tools and recent market news. Read More

Cloud storage 101: Cloud gateways for hybrid cloud connectivity

By Antony Adshead 03 Apr 2019

Two of the big three public cloud providers – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – offer gateway on-ramps that can speed the deployment of hybrid cloud operations for SME and remote office locations Read More

Storage 101: Object storage in the big three public clouds

By Antony Adshead 25 Mar 2019

We look at the object storage services of the big three cloud providers – Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage – and how customers can achieve compatibility between them Read More

How to set up and enforce Azure multifactor authentication

By Tim Warner 14 Jan 2019

Azure Active Directory offers multifactor authentication to further secure login credentials. Get started with these instructions to set up this Microsoft cloud service. Read More

Transition to value-based care needs data integration

By Yumeng Ren 31 Dec 2018

By using AI-powered data analytics from DOS, providers could have a holistic view of a patient's treatment plan, while patient data is secured with Microsoft Azure cloud service. Read More

Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Oracle 19c start to rev

By Jack Vaughan 27 Nov 2018

A new Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance service seeks to span the gap between cloud and on-premises systems. Meanwhile, Oracle also has cloud plans of the data kind. Read More

Palo Alto Networks adds cloud analytics with RedLock acquisition

By Zeus Kerravala 03 Oct 2018

It's fair to say the cloud has become a core component of most organizations' IT strategies. The growth of public cloud services -- such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google ... Read More