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Focus: On premise virtualisation

17 Jul 2017

While analysts predict enterprise investments in on-premise IT will continue to dwindle as time goes on, virtualisation remains a popular means of getting more out of the servers, storage and networking hardware ... Read More

Extreme Networks CEO blames China, not Trump, for trade impasse

17 May 2019

Extreme Networks CEO Ed Meyercord blames China, not President Donald Trump, for the impasse in trade talks that could force the vendor to raise prices by as much as 10%. Read More

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CLI and GUI?

02 May 2019

An old-fashioned command-line interface still has some advantages over its counterpart, the graphical user interface, when managing network devices. See how CLI and GUI stack up. Read More

Differences among WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless security protocols

30 Sep 2019

As wireless network technologies have evolved, so too have the wireless security protocols for securing them. Get a quick overview of the three WLAN security standards, and learn the differences among WEP, WPA and ... Read More

Vodafone suspends use of Huawei hardware

25 Jan 2019

Vodafone’s UK CEO has said the operator will ‘pause’ its use of Huawei hardware for the foreseeable future Read More

Drawbacks of open source networking could impede full growth

26 Apr 2019

IT teams have increasingly accepted the use of open source within their organizations. But open source networking continues to lag behind -- and it may not catch up. Read More

What are some common Windows Server 2019 SDN errors?

19 Feb 2019

The complexity of setting up and managing Microsoft SDN can increase the risk of administrators facing common networking errors that are difficult to troubleshoot. Read More

The best server hardware to maximize IT performance

28 Dec 2015

Get the latest tips on compute, networking and storage to choose the best server hardware to tackle IT workloads. Read More

Russian enterprises unconcerned by NSA network hack allegations

20 May 2015

Despite allegations the NSA hid spyware in the equipment of a number of suppliers, the market in Russia for western network hardware remains buoyant Read More

Adopt an SDDC architecture with caution and proper planning

04 Nov 2019

Software-defined components such as networking and storage help achieve data center flexibility, but organizations might come across product and security issues. Read More