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New hyper-convergence entrants seek a spot in enterprise IT

18 Mar 2016

Hyper-convergence can simplify IT operations by bringing together compute, storage and networking hardware with virtualization and management platforms, but it must break out of limited uses. Read More

Russian enterprises unconcerned by NSA network hack allegations

20 May 2015

Despite allegations the NSA hid spyware in the equipment of a number of suppliers, the market in Russia for western network hardware remains buoyant Read More

Blurred lines: Who will own the VMware NSX platform?

03 Aug 2015

Using VMware's NSX to lift networking functions from hardware brings with it questions on which team should step in when "the network" has issues. Read More

Does software-defined networking architecture need network overlays?

25 Jul 2018

Network overlays and software-defined networking architecture share a history. But while overlays offer flexibility, they also bring extra overhead and troubleshooting complications. Read More

What is Cisco Smart Licensing and how might it benefit my business?

11 Apr 2019

Cisco Smart Licensing, the networking vendor's fairly new approach to software licensing, aims to provide customers with more visibility and control over their licenses. Read More

What is the difference between SDN and NFV?

28 Aug 2019

SDN and NFV are siblings but not twins -- while they have a lot in common, they aren't identical. Here's what you need to know about their differences. Read More

Embedded hypervisor use cases and benefits explained

06 Sep 2019

An embedded hypervisor offers several benefits, such as VM security, system reliability and improved hardware use, and is ideal for admins looking to simplify their environments. Read More

SDN catalyst for agility and innovation

24 Jan 2017

Almost three out of five CIOs we speak with today tell us that technology providers often seem to be pushing software defined networks (SDN) simply to sell hardware, writes Verizon's Peter Konings, ... Read More

Cloud networking services boost public cloud performance sans hardware

16 Feb 2011

Cloud networking vendors are developing hardware-free services that use their global points of presence to improve public cloud performance. Read More

Measuring network hardware utilization

18 Oct 2006

Monitoring your network goes beyond just keeping tabs on your servers. You also need to monitor your hardware, such as routers and switches, to tell not only that these types of devices are functional, but also ... Read More