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New hyper-convergence entrants seek a spot in enterprise IT

18 Mar 2016

Hyper-convergence can simplify IT operations by bringing together compute, storage and networking hardware with virtualization and management platforms, but it must break out of limited uses. Read More

AT&T design for open routing covers many uses

01 Oct 2019

The new AT&T design for open carrier-grade routing covers systems ranging from single line card devices to large hardware clusters. The design taps Broadcom's Jericho2 chip. Read More

Measuring network hardware utilization

18 Oct 2006

Monitoring your network goes beyond just keeping tabs on your servers. You also need to monitor your hardware, such as routers and switches, to tell not only that these types of devices are functional, but also ... Read More

Blurred lines: Who will own the VMware NSX platform?

03 Aug 2015

Using VMware's NSX to lift networking functions from hardware brings with it questions on which team should step in when "the network" has issues. Read More

Cloud networking services boost public cloud performance sans hardware

16 Feb 2011

Cloud networking vendors are developing hardware-free services that use their global points of presence to improve public cloud performance. Read More

Ripple invests in Swedish open source start-up Towo Labs

16 Oct 2019

Towo Labs, a Swedish startup aimed at simplifying ‘crypto self-custody’, has announced an investment from Xpring, Ripple’s developer initiative. Xpring is described as an initiative by Ripple that ... Read More

Curvature looks for different channel relationship

29 Sep 2014

Curvature, which was formerly known as Network Hardware Resale, is planning to work more with channel partners in the future Read More

Saving money with used network hardware: Tricky but doable

08 Jan 2009

Buying used network hardware is a good way to save some money and to extend the life of your infrastructure, but it's tricky. It can sour your relationships with your key vendors, and finding good support for the ... Read More

StarHub taps OpenStack to run telco network

27 May 2019

The Singapore telco has deployed OpenStack and signed up for Red Hat’s training programme to equip its network engineers with technical expertise Read More

What does an ESXi on ARM architecture look like?

28 Oct 2019

When you run a hypervisor such as VMware ESXi on ARM architecture, consolidation shouldn't be your goal; isolation, sandboxing and management should be. Read More