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Differences among WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless security protocols

30 Sep 2019

As wireless network technologies have evolved, so too have the wireless security protocols for securing them. Get a quick overview of the three WLAN security standards, and learn the differences among WEP, WPA and ... Read More

SDN catalyst for agility and innovation

24 Jan 2017

Almost three out of five CIOs we speak with today tell us that technology providers often seem to be pushing software defined networks (SDN) simply to sell hardware, writes Verizon's Peter Konings, ... Read More

What admins need to know about Azure Stack HCI

06 Dec 2019

Microsoft put its branding on a relatively new hyper-converged infrastructure offering that capitalizes on the software-defined features in Windows Server 2019. Read More

Virtualization challenges that negatively affect your systems

12 Dec 2019

Virtualization provides lower costs and improved productivity, but these benefits can be offset by certain challenges, such as unresponsive VMs and VM network latency. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure basics for virtualization admins

13 Sep 2019

Hyper-convergence provides many benefits, such as simplified provisioning and management, but virtualization administrators should get to know HCI technology before implementing it. Read More

Adopt an SDDC architecture with caution and proper planning

04 Nov 2019

Software-defined components such as networking and storage help achieve data center flexibility, but organizations might come across product and security issues. Read More

ArubaOS-CX upgrade unifies campus, data center networks

24 Oct 2019

Aruba's latest switches and ArubaOS-CX upgrade join campus and data center networking as Cisco heads in a similar direction with DNA Center. Read More

SD-WAN explained in 15 key terms and phrases

15 Nov 2019

This SD-WAN glossary delves into the various capabilities, technologies and components that encompass SD-WAN, explained with 15 concise definitions. Read More

SD-WAN: Take a good look at the outliers

13 Jun 2016

The early market entrants such as Peplink with strong experience in access channel bonding and wireless networking are challenging the traditional hardware WAN sector with low cost but still ... Read More

AT&T design for open routing covers many uses

01 Oct 2019

The new AT&T design for open carrier-grade routing covers systems ranging from single line card devices to large hardware clusters. The design taps Broadcom's Jericho2 chip. Read More