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The evolution of SDN and its role in networking

19 Sep 2019

Has SDN run its course, or has the architecture simply evolved? In many current products, data centers and cloud environments, SDN may be closer than you think. Read More

Casting the net for a software-defined future

17 Dec 2018

The practical and cultural challenges of enterprises transforming to software-defined networking Read More

Dynamic virtual network services usher in connectivity revolution

02 May 2016

Dynamic virtual network services are using NFV to provide new enterprise services faster and cheaper by removing the need for expensive hardware deployments from the equation. Read More

4 considerations for choosing a private cloud provider

08 Apr 2019

Key features to look for from a private cloud provider include interoperability, scalability and how familiar admins are with the provider's technology. Read More

Choosing the right chip foundation for AI-optimized hardware

22 Aug 2019

Every enterprise is trying to implement AI and machine learning. But, before AI, before clean data and before platform comparison, enterprises need to find the best hardware to support AI. Read More

There's more to switch software than SDN

01 Oct 2015

Hardware is still a critical component in data center networking equipment, but the influence of switch software shouldn't be overlooked. Read More

Journey to the West: Will Huawei make its services ambitions stick?

20 May 2015

As network hardware supplier Huawei enters the services game, we consider if the West is ready to buy IT services from China Read More

The virtualized network alters data center plans

08 Feb 2016

The virtualized network is outstripping hardware and fundamentally altering data center plans, though in the long run, it has the chance to revolutionize them. Read More

New features added to Juniper Networks security platform

05 Aug 2019

New features include containerized firewalls and the incorporation of SecIntel into MX Series routers as part of Juniper Networks' effort to provide security throughout a network. Read More

Expand your edge data center vocabulary

07 Aug 2019

Data, devices and distributed computing are all important parts of edge setups. Learn about edge computing components and how you might see them in your organization. Read More