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SD-WAN: Take a good look at the outliers

13 Jun 2016

The early market entrants such as Peplink with strong experience in access channel bonding and wireless networking are challenging the traditional hardware WAN sector with low cost but still ... Read More

Do you know the difference in the Microsoft HCI programs?

10 Oct 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure that runs on Windows Server is not a new concept, but Microsoft's Azure Stack HCI program has one big difference from earlier HCI incarnations. Read More

5 common virtualization problems and how to solve them

03 Oct 2019

Organizations can correct common problems with virtualization, such as VM sprawl and network congestion, through business policies rather than purchasing additional technology. Read More

How to monitor CPU usage in SDN environments

20 Mar 2019

Monitoring CPU usage in a software-defined network is necessary to determine adequate network capacity and compute capacity, especially if workloads are competing for resources. Read More

Dynamic virtual network services usher in connectivity revolution

02 May 2016

Dynamic virtual network services are using NFV to provide new enterprise services faster and cheaper by removing the need for expensive hardware deployments from the equation. Read More

Journey to the West: Will Huawei make its services ambitions stick?

20 May 2015

As network hardware supplier Huawei enters the services game, we consider if the West is ready to buy IT services from China Read More

There's more to switch software than SDN

01 Oct 2015

Hardware is still a critical component in data center networking equipment, but the influence of switch software shouldn't be overlooked. Read More

6 steps to a successful network disaster recovery plan

01 Aug 2019

Don't wait until disaster strikes to consider network resiliency and recovery. Use these six practical steps to build a network disaster recovery plan that fits your business needs. Read More

What is close-to-the-metal?

05 Nov 2019

Recent discussions with database company Scylla threw up the term close-to-the-metal, or some simply say close-to-metal. But what does close-to-the-metal mean? The Computer Weekly Developer Network ... Read More

What is Cisco Smart Licensing and how might it benefit my business?

11 Apr 2019

Cisco Smart Licensing, the networking vendor's fairly new approach to software licensing, aims to provide customers with more visibility and control over their licenses. Read More