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Switch software plays bigger role in data center networks

01 Oct 2015

Hardware still matters, but it isn't just about speeds and feeds anymore. Switch software is an increasingly important factor in data center networks. Read More

VMware tops Cisco in fast-growing SDN market

17 Jul 2019

VMware surpassed Cisco in grabbing the largest share of the money spent on software-defined networking for the data center in 2018, when the SDN market reached $7 billion. Read More

Juniper earnings downed by a lack of cloud sales

25 Oct 2018

The latest Juniper earnings report shows lower-than-expected sales to cloud providers will result in a revenue decline in the current quarter. The company had expected to return to growth. Read More

Software development kits drive healthcare technology and competition

02 Jul 2019

Large healthcare tech organizations must jump on the software development kit bandwagon if they want to stay relevant in the market. VivaLNK's Jiang Li discusses the growing trend. Read More

McAfee warns of serious security flaw in building controller

09 Aug 2019

Security researchers have demonstrated how simple flaws in building controllers could allow malicious actors to manipulate control systems with devastating effect, highlighting the importance of operational ... Read More

Huawei security questioned around the world

11 Apr 2019

Troubles continue for Huawei as new bans and government reports put security into question, but the company is attempting to fight back against the criticism. Read More

Pay-TV providers shifting to network virtualization

14 Jan 2015

Pay-TV providers are adopting network functions virtualization as a mechanism for reducing hardware costs and for adding more flexibility in running network services. Read More

Focus: network virtualisation

05 Jun 2017

Network virtualisation, the process of making networking infrastructure more agile by running network functions on industry-standard server hardware, has long-promised huge benefits for the IT department by ... Read More

The pitfalls of hyper-converged infrastructure and how to avoid them

23 Jul 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure can be an easy win when it comes to datacentre infrastructure upgrades, but there are pitfalls. We discuss how best you can sidestep them Read More

What separates white-box software from bare-metal switches?

27 Mar 2014

Network administrators can choose between white-box software and bare-metal hardware and receive the same performance. Read More