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Curvature growing network support services with CSU buy

11 Nov 2014

Used network hardware and maintenance vendor Curvature acquired CSU Industries to expand its NetSure support services to storage and servers. Read More

Virtualisation is reshaping the network

02 Jun 2014

Network functions virtualisation aims to reduce network complexity by decreasing the reliance on hardware. We look the implications for IT Read More

Everything you need to know about composable infrastructure

06 Nov 2019

Composability abstracts resources as services that can be dynamically composed and recomposed for specific applications. Learn about its many advantages, and why it isn't for everyone. Read More

Casting the net for a software-defined future

17 Dec 2018

The practical and cultural challenges of enterprises transforming to software-defined networking Read More

Are Nutanix products hyper-converged hardware, software or cloud?

12 Nov 2019

Nutanix may still offer branded appliances, but there is a lot more to the hyper-converged infrastructure pioneer's product offerings than that nowadays. Read More

What is the difference between SDN and NFV?

28 Aug 2019

SDN and NFV are siblings but not twins -- while they have a lot in common, they aren't identical. Here's what you need to know about their differences. Read More

BEIS launches multimillion-pound security investment package

17 Oct 2019

Government is making available more than £50m to support a range of new cyber security initiatives and collaborations, including the latest phase of its Digital Security by Design programme Read More

Vulnerability scanner tools in the data center

27 Nov 2014

If you're wondering whether to use a software- or hardware-based network vulnerability scanner, take a look at your budget and network deployment. Read More

Embedded hypervisor use cases and benefits explained

06 Sep 2019

An embedded hypervisor offers several benefits, such as VM security, system reliability and improved hardware use, and is ideal for admins looking to simplify their environments. Read More

4 considerations for choosing a private cloud provider

08 Apr 2019

Key features to look for from a private cloud provider include interoperability, scalability and how familiar admins are with the provider's technology. Read More